The Most Creative Lawn Games You Should Try


Lawn games are a fun way to make any get together a little more memorable. If you really want to create a lasting impression, then a little creativity goes a long way. Whether you’re putting a fresh twist on a staple or inventing an entirely new activity, these are some of the best ways to spruce up any outdoor festivity.

 Aesthetically Creative

 Classic games can get a visual overhaul and really bring in the wow factor. This USMC cornhole board is an example of how finished products have gone mainstream and look quite good in the process. On the DIY side of things, colored giant Jenga sets have whole worlds of possibility. The patterns that naturally generate over the course of a game are surprisingly dazzling. One of the best ways for the truly artistic to strut their stuff on the lawn is with customized ring toss games. Some of the most impressive displays have made “pegs” out of likeness of bridal parties. Really, the sky’s the limit on this one.

 Giant Games

 Everyone has seen or at least heard of giant Jenga by now. What you might not have seen is the number of impressive creations it inspired. Giant beer pong can be played with trash cans and volleyballs. Giant ring toss uses pool noodles and inflatable donuts. For the die-hards out there, giant slip and slides have been known to appear in different places across the country, ranging up to hundreds of yards in size.

 On the Ground

 Why not get the lawn more directly involved in a lawn game? The ground can become the playing board with a little paint or ingenuity. Lawn twister puts the colored spots right on the ground while sandbox Pictionary is exactly how it sounds. If you want a little more action, you can look into human bowling. There are a million approaches, but my favorite is the variant that utilizes a slip in slide (no need to go giant). Can you think of any other fantastic game ideas that turn the lawn into the game?

 After Dark

 With clever spot lighting or some glow-in-the-dark tools, you can turn any lawn game into a fun evening spectacle. A few glow sticks can help you create an epic game of capture the flag, or with some luminescent paint you can make your bowling or beer pong into an entirely new game in the dark.

 Of course, you can always mix and match the ideas. A giant USMC cornhole board with glow-in-the-dark bean bags could be interesting.


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