The Ins and Outs of Window Cleaning


Window cleaning may be described as a self-explanatory process, which as the name suggests, involves the cleaning of a glass used for decorative purposes or otherwise. Windows are generally a part of every home, institution or business. If there are windows are around, then window cleaning will always have an abode. Window cleaning has undoubtedly evolved over the years from the traditional ‘rag and soap with water concoction’ to more sophisticated methods and tools; thereby making it a flourishing business in present-day society.

Window cleaning, though it appears simple is actually a rather technical process, that if done incorrectly can produce very blurry results. Essentially an effective window cleaning process or system involves the use of a proper or logical flow of activities. Let‘s look into it:

Window Cleaning Process (Do’s and Don’t’s)
  • It is best to use a damp lint-free piece of cloth that will reduce the likelihood of leaving residue when cleaning windows. This is especially necessary when prepping to clean very dirty window surface areas.
  • When using sponges to clean windows do not apply too much soapy water to the surface of the window as this will increase the likelihood of creating a streaky finish. Too much soapy water makes the window much harder to clean and overall provides an unnecessary hassle.
  • Effective window cleaning is often achieved if you clean in a single direction on each side of the window. Chaotic cleaning will result in blatant streakiness that is unappealing, so decide on going up and down on one side or right to left on another. This rhythm creates the finish you desire.
  • Be careful not to utilize the same water used for washing and rinsing on all the windows, especially for an extensive period of time. To attain the best-finished look, it is advised to change the water being used as often as possible. Dirt and grime from one window might be transferable to the next pretty easily if this is not taken into consideration.

Window cleaning has been around for centuries. Traversing time and experiencing changes in the form of upgrades from one generation to the next. Window cleaning now boasts high-end cleaning chemicals such as dirt and grime cleaning agents as well as numerous manufactured tools such as the vacuum cleaners, squeegees and micro-fiber cloths that have made the job a whole lot easier. Nevertheless, although we are incredibly pleased with the technologies developed, traditional measures applied in window cleaning are still effective today. Traditional homemade cleaners that utilize ammonia have in fact been proven to get the job done as well as those coming straight from the manufacturer; either way experiment with your windows and identify which era of window cleaning works best for you!

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