The History of Canvas Printing


Have you ever wondered about the history of canvas prints? Many people look at them with wonderment but a few could actually answer this question. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the very foundation of canvas printing to make sure you aware of the fascinating history of canvas prints.

The history of canvas print dates back to thousands of years. The origin of this art form is in China and the Middle East. For many centuries, artists have always chosen canvas to showcase their latent and innovation. Before the 20th century, linen was the main item, used in the canvases. It’s also the time when cotton was not an option for canvas. That being said, the surface of the canvas is not always smooth, resulting in an effect on the texture of each painting and picture on canvas

The etymology of the word ‘canvas’ comes from the Arabic form of cannabis. It came from this Arabic version because first canvases were made from hemp. A hemp is a robust material, which has the ability to hold up against the elements. After that, linen and cotton were used as reliable sources for the surface of the paints.

Furthermore, cotton and linen are the two most significant materials, used in today’s canvas prints. If you want to give a reference for the earliest canvas painting, it would be the German depiction of Madonna. The time of this art creation was 1410. On that time, the paintings were done on a panel of woods. However, things changed when the renaissance era took place as the canvas art took the art industry by storm.

During the Renaissance era, which is also known as the golden age of art, canvas print was regarded as the best piece of an art form. Along with renowned artists, the Venetian artists have been credited with making canvas art a truly remarkable option. With the ease of use and low absorption as key aspects, canvas appeared as a fine use of the element. In fact, the artists would coat canvases from preventing the paint absorption.

They would even remove all possible texture from the fabric. As a result, all paintings would appear as glossy and smooth. With the progression of art and exploration of painting genres, canvas evolved rapidly. Rather than covering and trying to remove the texture, many artists started to use canvas to incorporate pictures.

In the field of modern art history, canvas printing holds a dominant place. It doesn’t matter which kind of material is used, a canvas print will always be an exciting addition to any household. Even canvas prints are elegant and evoke true feelings and emotions of almost every object. Not to mention canvas printing provides the real appearance and texture of a handicraft artwork. But in truth, canvas prints are a simple transformation of images with advanced software.

To conclude, we want to make a strong point about canvas printing – canvas prints are a popular choice for displaying signage. They bring a sense of quality and longevity to the messages, portrayed upon the canvas. Therefore, no matter how beautiful or attractive the canvas print is everybody admires it with ingenuity.

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