The Benefits of Buying a Used Car


The entire process of buying a new car can be more than a little stressful. Figuring out if you are going to get a new car, determining the payments that you can actually make, and even availing a license can seem like a never-ending source of stress. However, most people will find that used cars will actually work out better in the long run.

When you are buying a Mercedes, even if it is pre-owned, it will offer you the comfort and elegance of a brand-new car. Here are five reasons to visit Mercedes Guildford used cars for your next car purchase.

1. Lower Price

It goes without saying that used cars are going to be much cheaper than new cars. Usually, this price difference starts at around of the total price and can actually increase from there. Many people save 40 – on their car when they go with a used model. However, these models are often online, a year or two old, making the price difference even more appealing.

2. Cars Are Taken Good Care Of

Cars that are sold through dealerships, which that offer both new and used cars are generally going to be quite well cared for. The dealership will only accept cars that are in a good condition and will generally make cosmetic repairs to cars that do not meet their standards. This means that the used cars they offer are going to be the best. Dealerships will generally check the engine and other important components of the car as well, giving you peace of mind when you drive it off the lot.

3. More Freedom

When you are buying a used car, you will often have a chance to trade it with an upgrade in a year or two. Many people do this, giving themselves something to look forward to every few years. Buying a car from an individual won’t give you this kind of freedom, and while you can trade in a new car, you are likely to lose more money than you want to in the process.

4. Trusted Service Professionals

Any dealership that also offers used cars is generally going to have a team of certified mechanics in their employ. This gives you a place to bring your car for maintenance, which ensures that manufacturer’s directions will be followed. Assuming you live locally, this takes some of the stress out of buying a car.

5. More Options Available

A dealership is going to offer a variety of cars, but looking at used cars will also offer access to car models of different years. This gives you more cars to choose from. In addition to this, a dealership will often be able to add custom details to cars, even if they are used.

Overall, price, convenience, and the ability to breathe a little bit easier are all great reasons to buy a used car from a dealer rather than buying a new car or buying a car from your neighbor.

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