The ABCs of Digital Marketing That You Should Know


The definition of marketing has completely changed in the last decade. Things have started moving faster than it was ever expected. Things have started moving from the physical world to the digital world with the advent of smartphones and the penetration of the internet in the urban as well as rural households. And the penetration of the internet in our drawing room has boomed this severe rise of online marketing. The marketers have started emphasizing more and more on what you see on your mobile phone or on your tablets because they know it very well that internet is where you spend most of your time.

And with this growing advent of digital marketing, there is a considerable amount in rise of the seo agencies (Search Engine Optimization) who try to map the products with the content you search on the internet. There are online stores from where you can simply buy stuff by a click of your mouse and not dealing with the queue and then there are those numerous promotions and offers available online to pull you towards this circle.

Did you ever think there are agencies that solely work on this entire process? They spend days and nights to create online marketing strategies that might make you interested. They create and maintain a list of keywords for SEO that might match your search. And when it comes to digital marketing and online sales, Australia is one of the growing destinations of service and product companies across the world. There are now, Melbourne business who are also bringing up their presence in the internetworking very hard on their SEO and PPC (pay per click) policies. They are setting up concrete digital strategies to run their business. And to be in the market, you have to pick up with the pace too. Here’s a quick list of things you should consider before taking your first step:

5 simple tips before you take your first step:

 1. Mobile is the present

Most of the present-day buyers are impulse buyers. There is a considerable rise in the usage of mobile phones for shopping purpose. Studies have proved that the internet users end up with a purchase using their mobile phones. And to optimize this situation, your offers should be there with your potential buyer 24×7. And the best way to do this is being on your prospect’s mobile. So when you are making your digital plan, being available on the mobile phones is you Step#1.

2. The rising micro-moments

There are buyers and then there are spot buyers. People make decisions in just flicker of seconds. And hence, you should be right there at their beck and call. You should never lose out on the opportunities to hit your prospect’s psyche and lose a sell. Either through regular promotions via email, SMS, and app credits or through simple direct discounts, be with your prospect, don’t let them feel lonely.

3. The right SEO

The primary role of an SEO analyst is to make your website visible at the top of the list whenever your prospect searches for something which is aligned to your offerings. Companies are spending fortunes on their keywords, PPC plans and digital strategy making to be available right at the top in the Google search list.

4. Make a proper online marketing plan

As we speak, there are plenty of online stores running successfully in Australia. They sell everything possibly available in this universe. Hence, in order to compete with them, you have to have a strong digital marketing plan. You should devise strategies that are user-friendly as well as easy to use. There are many Melbourne businesses that have started putting a great deal of focus and investment on their digital strategy as well as a core product, hand in hand.

5. Don’t annoy your prospect

Finally and most importantly, with too many things working at the same time, make sure you don’t annoy your prospects with thousands of offer information and promotional emails. This makes your prospect confused first and then annoyed and finally, they turn back

So now you know what needs to be considered when you take the first step. Go take it, be a bit more courageous and win your customer’s heart.

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