Survival Products If You Are Lost in the Outdoors and Bad Weather Visits


Are you the outdoors type that goes mountain climbing or hiking on trails? Have you ever gotten lost and had to spend the night with no water or food? Was your family with you? What would you do if you and your entire family got lost in the mountains and it started snowing? You need to get some outdoor survival products.

Survival kits

Stealth Angel Survival kits have just what you and your family would need if you are lost outdoors. They have a variety of survival kits that you can take with you with all you need to keep your family safe, warm and with water and food. You can visit their website and find a kit with the size thatis just perfect for you and your family. You can also get freeze-dried foods that really taste great in the big outdoors

Build your own kits

Some people like to put their own kits together or buy kits that are already prepared. They have all types of very interesting tools and other items that would help you out of any emergency situation.

Kits for weather disasters

They have 4 types of kits if you are caught in an emergency weather situation. These Natural Disaster Emergency Preparedness Kits are packed securely in a red or camo duffle bag with wheels if needed and they could be used as outdoor and urban survival products kits.These kits include:


6 water pouches – 4 oz.

400 calorie food bar cherry flavors

10 water purification tablets

24 oz. water purification bottle

LED lantern with radio by Dynamo

3 LED rechargeable flashlights

Emergency candle that last 30 hours

Green emergency glow sticks 12 hours

5 in 1 Survival Whistle

Waterproof matches

Bright Orange Help flag

2 emergency survival sleeping bags

2 emergency ponchos with hood

2 16 to 20-hour body warmers


Also included is an entire bunch of little tools that you probably can use as well as first aid equipment. They also contain everything needed for hygiene and sanitation.

Freeze-dried dinners

And if I were you – I would put some of those freeze-dried dinners in the bag because if I am going to be lost in the mountains or woods, at least I will be eating well.

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