Surprising facts about gambling


Here we go again and this time around we would like to represent you with some of the most interesting facts about gambling you may not have heard of or which you may not have known or imagined. So, we hope you enjoy this list and last but not least if you are into sports why not consider doing some sports betting online? This brand new website called แทงบอลออนไลน์ is a superb one to get started.

Did you know?

1. That Monte Carlo, the world’s most elegant place for casinos won’t allow its citizens to play?  It is in fact true. This way the tiny nation makes sure its citizens would contribute to the income and not to the financial losses of the nation.

2. What do the card signs represent?  We have all met with French cards but do you know what do all those signs represent? Clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades represent the four main natural elements (wind, fire, water and earth) but in the same time they also represent the four main seasons. The overall 4 signs are also a large overall representation of the human struggle in life.

3. That there are no clocks in any of the casinos? Indeed, to avoid people see how much time they actually spend gambling and to allow this to make them go home, there are no clocks of any sort in any of the casinos and this also is an explanation to the lack of windows too.

4. Casinos are set up like a labyrinth: to avoid you to find your way out all that easily. Capitalizing on the people’s gambling addiction, casinos make sure you lose as much money as possible while trying to get out.

5. It is legal to count cards: but casinos do not like it so try to keep it a secret: there are tons of people who have turned mathematicians in order for them to raise the probability to win in any of the games. Of course casinos do not like that. In fact they would prefer you lose. Therefore, if anyone is caught counting cards out in the open, they are politely asked to leave immediately.

6. Sandwich is a meal that was invented thanks to gambling: indeed this was the first official casino food, which allowed players not to leave the table not even for a meal. So logical isn’t it.

7. Gambling addicts in the US can ask to be banned from casinos: if someone living in the US is open about its addiction and is fully aware where his or her gambling leads to, they can ask for a so-called “voluntary ban” to keep themselves from playing.

8. Japan does not allow casinos but it allows a game that’s very similar to slot machines and it’s just as addictive. This game is called “pachinko”. In this game the players won’t win money but they can exchange their winnings to prizes later on.

9. The owner of FedEx saved his company with the help of winning money in Las Vegas casinos He won 27000 US dollars playing Blackjack.

10. The real gambling capital is not called Vegas: it’s called Macau. The small city has by far the largest revenue from gambling.

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