Should You Visit an Emergency Room or Urgent Care After a Head Injury?


Head injuries are always a scary proposition, particularly if the person suffering from it begins showing signs of confusion or agitation. Should these injuries be handled in an emergency room or an urgent care Newburgh, NY? Here’s what you need to know about this situation and how to manage it properly.

Head Injuries Are Typically Emergency Room Situations

If you or someone you love suffers from a head injury, you need to go to the emergency room right away. Head injuries are nothing to be laughed at and can be very serious if left untreated. For example, a concussion can cause a person to fall asleep and never wake up. However, it can also cause brain damage that makes a person’s life more difficult.

Urgent care centers are not designed to handle emergency situations. Most head injury cases will require immediate treatment in a way that urgent care does not offer. However, that doesn’t mean urgent care can’t be useful for head injury cases after the initial emergency has passed.

When Urgent Care Can Be Useful

While the immediate impact of a head injury should be managed by an emergency room, there are instances in which a Newburgh, NY urgent care center can be useful. For example, those who are suffering from headaches after managing their initial head injury can get help at an urgent care center. Typically, these centers can help provide care for this problem.

Other problems, such as fevers or trauma caused by the symptoms of the head injury (such as confusion or dizziness) can also get help at an urgent care center. That said, anyone suffering from significant or persistent problems caused by head injuries should see a professional right away. They can provide the care necessary for managing this problem.

Taking Care of A Head Injury Later

Another great thing about urgent care centers in Newburgh, NY is that they can provide people with head injuries a place to go if agitation and depression starts occurring. Head injuries can cause a change in personality that can be addressed and managed by careful urgent care. These situations rarely call for serious emergency room care, thankfully.

These centers are designed to take care of health problems that need immediate care, but not emergency care. If someone is showing signs of depression, urgent care is useful. However, if someone with a head injury begins behaving in a dangerous or suicidal way. an emergency room is the only appropriate step. Urgent care workers, while experts in their field, aren’t as heavily trained for such situations.

Final Thoughts

While not all head injuries end up being traumatic or serious, they can be problematic enough to require emergency room care. However, urgent care is still a useful way to help people who suffer from this health problem.

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