Secrets to an effective and successful direct mail campaign


Over the past decade there has been plenty of technological innovations and customers’ needs have been changing. This has caused many businesses to abandon direct mail printing and seek other avenues to reach their clients. However, even with the changes many businesses are enjoying the many benefits of using direct mailing. To be successful there are a number of key points that you should keep in mind.

Avoid using cheesy tag lines

Using cheesy tag lines such as believe it or not or free money does not attract the attention of your prospective clients but it actually insults their intelligence. Avoid using all caps letters or plenty of exclamation points since they are cliché visual cues. Be more innovative with what you wish to show, avoid making use of see and say graphics they do not engage the brain of the reader. The idea is to entice your audience so they can complete the story of how your service or product solves their problem. Add some humor in your visual stories to make them even more exciting.

Never assume your audience knows everything

When a consumer is more informed they will be more willing to purchase. Do not be fooled into thinking that no one reads this days. With a good headline and an effort to provoke imagery a customer will want more information and continue reading. They might be compelled to visit your website or call your telephone to find out more information. In case they do not wish to visit the website or call your offices make sure that all the key information is in the mail. Be direct and include as much information as possible in a couple of sentences. There are high chances your reader is scanning therefore use easy to understand words that are descriptive to pass on the intended message.

Ask for it and you shall receive it

Having identified your prospects and what information you want to elicit, you should then go ahead and ask for it. This is usually known as a call to action in direct mail. It acts as the cue for consumers to get what they want. Without a call to action then the mail is just for brand recognition. If you indicate your website ask them to visit, if you have your phone number printed ask them to call. You should ask and entice the audience to respond to your piece.

Even in a world where everything has gone digital direct mail printing can work when added to your marketing mix but it has to be done right. Making use of creativity and knowing your prospects will get you your goal.

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