Outpatient Treatment Center Lancaster County


Once you or your loved one are addicted to certain chemical substances, the best course of action to take is to look for a reliable inpatient treatment center or outpatient treatment center in Lancaster County. Today, there are many rehab centers from which you can choose. However, different treatment centers offer different treatment programs, making it important to settle on the facility that offers a program that will meet your needs. One of the critical decisions you will need to make is to choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Reasons to consider an outpatient program

There are many reasons why people opt to enroll for outpatient treatment programs. While these reasons vary, there are common ones among most patients.

The type of insurance cover –

If your insurance cover provides only for outpatient treatment and you cannot afford the cost of impatient, you may end up choosing an outpatient treatment center. It is important to confirm with the insurer what the policy will cover.

You already know the basics of rehab –

If you have been in a rehab center before but relapsed, you can choose to try the outpatient treatment program. In any case, you will already have the basics of inpatient treatment. All you will need is commitment to overcome the addiction.

Family obligations –

When it is impossible to attend the inpatient program due to family obligations, school or work schedule, you can settle for outpatient treatment centers. This will allow you to go about your routine activities without interruption.

What kind of therapy to expect from the treatment program

Part of the treatment plan for most outpatient treatment centers will involve counseling. The different types of therapy used include cognitive-behavioral therapy. This helps the patient to identify and recognize the situations that lead them to use drugs and to seek a better alternative. Family therapy is all about improving the functioning of the family so that the entire social unit heals from the damages associated with drug abuse. Group therapy is designed to help break down the walls that patients may use to seek isolation.

How to choose an outpatient program

There are several factors that you should be mindful of even as you choose the most suitable outpatient treatment program.

Evidence-based treatment

The methods of treatment used at the facility should have a track record of success. The various treatments should also meet the high standards set by relevant authorities. This will build your confidence in the facility as well as the approaches they use.

A long enough program

To reduce the chances of relapse, you should go for a program whose duration builds a strong foundation. This should also include comprehensive and evolving professional support during the entire period of treatment.

One that meets your unique needs

When deciding, you should keep in mind your spiritual values, gender, age, ethnicity, culture and proximity to your school or workplace.

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