Minimise the risk of Industrial Hose failure


Industrial hose failures are something that can easily be rectified, once you know how. There are several reasons why the industrial hose can fail, these are dependent on various factors and can occur when you least expect them.

The team at Stauff Anglia are always on hand to provide you with recommendations for preventing the risk of hose failure, whether it’s a spiral hose wrap or a high pressure hydraulic hose. Find out how you can prolong the life expectancy of your high pressure hydraulic hose, here!

Replace faulty equipment.

As soon as your equipment starts to deteriorate, you need to replace it before any serious failure occurs. Not replacing equipment that’s failed will only lead to expensive consequences.

You’ll be faced with additional costs regarding clean up and replacement, so it’s essential you take suitable precautions.

Inspect equipment.

This should be a routine procedure to ensure that your products are safe to use. The spiral hose wrap provides security and protection against abrasion and shocks. The spiral hose wrap should be regularly inspected to ensure there are no unnecessary forces applied. Inspecting the stainless steel hose fittings will enable you to identify a solution in sufficient time- before it escalates.

Choose high-quality products.

Your industrial hose and stainless steel hose fittings need to offer high quality if you want to get the most out of them. The industrial hose will include an inner tube that carries fluid from one area to another. As well as this, the hose will incorporate a reinforcement layer and protective layer to prevent serious damage.

The high pressure hydraulic hose is required to provide protection for all weathers as well as resistance to abrasion and chemicals, hence why it’s so important that you maintain your equipment.


Stauff Anglia is suppliers of the spiral hose wrap. These are designed to suit an array of industrial needs but most importantly, they’re priced affordably to suit various budgets.

The cheapest industrial hose and stainless steel hose fittings are ideal if you’re on a limited budget, however, there is a substantial difference in the quality that they provide! You can save money in the long run when you invest in high-quality stainless steel hose fittings, ensuring that your products are stable and reliable.


When it comes to finding the most reliable products for industrial applications, consider Stauff Anglia to be your point of call! They have a wealth of knowledge and experience so if you’re looking for expert information, you’ll want to check out the range of products and services they have to offer.

The products that are available from Stauff Anglia include the industrial hose, high pressure hydraulic hose and spiral hose wrap. No matter what products you require, you’re guaranteed to find products that are easy to install and prevent stress from causing the hose to fail!

Simply call them on 01953 857 158 today!

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