Marketing to employees in an office


Companies that run on a B2B model usually struggle when it comes to marketing. Employees don’t have a lot of access to popular forms of marketing like TV and social media so other methods have to be used. Usually, the more direct forms make the biggest impact when selling to other businesses. In this article, we are going to look at various different marketing techniques that are used very prevalently in the business world today to help you decide what may work for your business.


A great way to always keep in the mind of your clients is constantly sending out a reminder to them so that you are always fresh in their minds. Newsletters work like this as you can send your client a newsletter that keeps them up-to-date with the latest news from your company. Not only will it keep your company fresh in their mind but will keep the latest information in their mind. This may also inspire ideas in their mind and make them purchase something they wouldn’t have otherwise.


You will find that lots of marketing that can be done to people in offices includes sending them items that they can keep on their desk for many days, months or even years in the future. This is the case when you send your customer a catalogue of your products! It is something that they are unlikely to throw away due to the usefulness so whenever they see it they will be reminded of your brand. Laos whenever a discussion about a certain item starts in the office they will look to your catalogue to see if you supply it.

Promotional merchandise

One of the best reminders of your brand you have in front of your brand has to be promotional items. These are products like mugs that are printed with a company logo that the client will use in day-to-day life whilst being reminded of your brand every time. They are great as receiving a genuinely useful item from a business builds a very positive impression of your business and may subtly convince them to purchase with you in the future. Printed mugs are especially helpful as they can use them every day that will constantly show off your brand. Get your own custom printed mugs here.

Business cards

Another item that people like to store in their desks is business cards. Their small size and shape mean that customers are unlikely to treat them as a nuisance and get rid of them. Plus they are handy to keep as they inform the reader of all the information they will need to get into contact with you should they need to.

Regular calls

When done correctly, this can be a very effective form of marketing. Most people will be happy to take a call from you when they aren’t too frequent so make the most of this! Some important tips are to make the conversation not only focused on work but be friendly and talk about other things first. This helps with opening them up to talk to you, makes them enjoy the conversation more and makes them more susceptible to suggestion. It helps you stay fresh in their minds and will make you the go-to people for anything related to what you do. Plus most people like the little distraction from regular work to have a talk.

Visit them

Making a massive impression can be done in anyways but the best may be going into their office, organizing a meeting and showing off what makes your business stand out. An experience like that will stick in someone’s mind for a very long time to come. It shows you are making an effort to impress and they will feel complimented by it. You can also use this opportunity to give them items as we have previously mentioned like a printed mug or a business card. Treat it similar to calling them as well by not making it entirely about work and have a nice conversation with them first. You could even treat them by taking them for lunch or for a coffee, making their experience nicer and memorable.

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