Make This Fall Your Most Active!


For many Americans, fall is that perfect weather sweet (and sweat) spot. The dog-days of summer have given way to the more temperate and colorful days of fall. A brisk jog on a chilly morning or a forest bathing session can be reinvigorating without the stifling heat and all the sticky sweat that comes with it during the summer. Combined with NLA for Her shred, and the fall offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature, get in shape, and lose weight all at once.

A forest bath, or long, meaning a peaceful walk through the woods, is a favorite for many women (and men!) looking to get out and shed pounds. Fall brings the changing of the leaves, as they morph from green to reds, oranges, purples and more. There’s that certain fall smell in the air as well, and a nice, long walk is perhaps the most relaxing way to lose weight.

Another great option is to head to an apple or pumpkin orchard. You can pick your pumpkin for Halloween, or else snack on some freshly picked apples. Combined with NLA for Her shred, you can trim weight while out on the orchard or farm. If you get tired and need a break, feel free to take a hayride.

You can turn your fall chores into an exercise routine as well. Why not skip the leaf blower, take some NLA for Her Shred, grab a rake, and rake up the leaves? You can grab your smartphone and your favorite workout song mix to make your fall chores an invigorating exercise routine.

Fall is also a popular festival season. Harvest festivals, Halloween-themed events, farmers markets, and all the rest are very popular. Sweatshirt weather is simply more comfortable for people who have to be outside for long periods of time.

Another great option is to check out a college football game and the tailgate that comes with it. You can head to your old college campus (or another college) and enjoy the festivities. College campuses also offer the perfect opportunity to take a long walk or jog.

No matter what you choose, Fall offers a fantastic chance to get in shape and lose weight, while prepping for the winter. All the while, Nashua Nutrition can help you get the nutrients you need.

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