Layered Haircuts for Long Hair


Layered haircuts are suitable for wide variety of people. Layered haircuts for long hair will help you bring out the fun side of you. You can dress up in any clothing you wish and with that long hair; you can easily pull it off. You can either tie your hair, leave it as it is or flaunt it with a braid or a bun hairstyle. Here are few hairstyles for girls who are blessed with a long luscious hair.

1. Colored layer

If you feel like you hair is dull and lifeless adding colors are still in trend especially to a long straight hair. After adding streaks you can use a flat iron to flip the hair inside and out by showing off the colors. Ask your hairstylist to spray a dry wax throughout the layers to make it stand out.

2. Layers

If you want to look as elegant as the women in the picture with no effort at all, ask your hairdresser to style it in the exact same way. Layers starting right from your face and continuing till the end. This stunning look can be used in any occasion you wish to attend. Be it for business meeting or even for your wedding day.

3. Wavy layers

A straight hair is way too cliché for you? Well, here’s a beautiful hairstyle with wavy layers to add some life to it. Not everyone can pull off this look but if you do, trust me there’s nothing more that you want to try out. You can make this your permanent look. Wavy hair gives you a look like you have thick hair even if you don’t. You should most definitely try out this hairdo.

4. Curly ends

A curly touch to your straight long hair with a contrasting added color gives it a more smooth and sleek look. This season is all out curls. Usually long hairs add flexibility to styling. Curling just the top layers like shown in the pictures is so comfortable and so in style right now.

5. Undone and messy layers

The above hairstyle may look easier to fix but it need a lot of work to be done. You need proper layers to frame your face. Although it looks messy and undone, you need a hairdresser to make it stay this way. Long bangs add perfection to this style. This looks highlights the best features of your face. You can also style it at home after the haircut by using a gel or with the help of an ironing device.

Make sure you select the best hairstyle that suits your beautiful face. Not everyone has long thick hairs like you, so make the best of it and flaunt your way to glory! Prepare yourself to look gorgeous and stunning because a major part of your strength, your personality and your beauty is determined by how well you keep your hair and how well your hairstyle is.

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