Know Your Skin; Know Your All Natural Moisturizer


Ask any beautician what is the one important advice they would give for glowing skin and everybody would say to moisturize it regularly. There is no doubt about it that a well-hydrated skin will always look young, fresh, and radiant. Drinking enough water is one way to keep your skin hydrated. However, it may not be enough and you may need to use a moisturizer.

There are different types of moisturizing products available on Siberian Health Romania. However, before you go ahead and buy one understand these products better and know what would work better for your skin.

Face Mists

These are basically watery solutions available with a hint of fragrance. These products are ideal for any type of skin. Whether you have a dry skin or an oily one, face mists are meant for you. What they do is they freshen up your complexion within seconds. So, whether you have had a rough flight or have a long day ahead of you which requires you to look fresh, face mists are your go-to products.


A serum is something like a face mist but with a different purpose. While face mists freshen up your complexion, serums fix any issues with the complexion. They usually get absorbed into your skin and act as a catalyst for active ingredients. It can help your skin absorb other products that you are using. Sometimes, just using a serum can be enough for moisturizing your face. You may not need any other product beyond a serum.


This is a product that is lighter when compared to a moisturizing cream. Lotions once again work best for everybody. They are easier for your skin to absorb. Another good thing about lotions is that they do not leave behind a greasy or shiny finish after use. So, if you are aiming to look dewy and not drenched or overloaded, then you should opt for a lotion. Different types of lotions are available for different skin types. Pick the one that works best for you.


This is quite a thick product and works best for very dry skins. They can also be used as a base for applying other beauty products. In warm weather, you can use a lighter one but in winters heavier creams provide more moisture. There are also night creams available with anti-aging effects to moisturize your skin overnight.

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