Is Your New Significant Other Really a Criminal?


You’ve met the person you think is right for you in your life.

After going through some bad relationships, you have made a connection with someone. But something seems a little off about the relationship. Although you can’t quite put your finger on it, you know everything doesn’t add up.

With that being the case, what options do you have available to you?

Do you confront the individual straight out? Do you take a less direct approach and do a little investigating of your own?

In getting to the bottom of the matter, you might have to put your detective hat on and turn to the Internet.

Would Some Online Investigating Work?

So that you will get closer to the information you want, the Internet can in fact be your best resource.

For example, would you date someone who has had a serious run-in or two with the law?

In turning to the web, you may very well discover if your significant other has a criminal record. If they do, it is then up to you to determine if the relationship proceeds forward or not.

To start, you can conduct a warrant search online.

That search helps you to know if not only the person you are seeing does have a criminal past, but has a warrant. If that is the case, you may want to give serious thought to ending the relationship.

For those who would pause in ending a relationship because the other has a warrant, think the big picture.

What if you are with that individual and law enforcement moves in on them to make an arrest? You could end up caught right in the thick of things. As such, not only is your reputation on the line, but your personal well-being could be in jeopardy too.

If you discover through a search your partner has a warrant, think twice about staying with them.

Moving Forward with Someone New

If you’ve come to the conclusion it is time to move on from someone, will you learn from the experience?

Although meeting the right individual can be difficult, there are steps you can take to get better at it.

Among them:
  • Ask questions –

    One of the best ways to get to know someone better is being direct when it comes to questions. Although certain things may be off limits, don’t be afraid to ask serious questions. Knowing about issues will often save you problems.

  • Be honest –

    Explain to someone upfront what you are looking for in a relationship. This takes the guessing out of the game and allows for both individuals to oftentimes be on the same page.

  • Take a deep breath –

    Last, don’t feel like you have to get to know someone’s entire life story overnight. By spending time together and learning about one another, you often get the answers.

With that being the case, is it time to move forward with someone new and rework where your life is headed?

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