Is One of Your Neighbors a Concern?


Knowing all the different neighbors you have around you can’t always be easy.

For one, people come and go on a pretty routine basis in larger neighborhoods. Unless you have only a handful of people around you, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. Even if there is only a handful near you, they may come and go with frequency. That is especially the case if you live in an apartment.
That said what if one of your neighbors should be of concern to you? How would you go about finding out information on them?
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Logging on the Internet for Details

One way you could discover if a neighbor is a concern and they have an arrest record is the worldwide web.

There are public search sites where one can plug a full name in and hope to get some information on them in return.

As an example, you live in a nice neighborhood and your children play around where you live. From riding their bikes to playing football out in the street, you want them safe at all times.
Now, what if you discover one of the neighbors had one or more arrests? You got their full name and typed it into one of these public search records sites. What if they have many arrests on their record? What if some of those arrests involved DUI or even sexual assault?

By knowing who is in your midst, you at least have some information with which to play with.

Sure, you could make some phone calls to those neighbors you are close to and of course even law enforcement.
That said taking safety precautions on your own if necessary is likely your best bet.

Although you can’t take the law into your own hands, you can caution those around you.

While they may have changed their way of life and actually prove no threat at all. Then again, what if they have not?
By knowing what and who is around you, you are less likely to have problems now and down the road.

Teaching Your Children the Importance of Safety

From the time they are toddlers to when they grow up and leave the nest; you likely worry about your children 24/7.
That said you want to teach them safety without putting a lot of fear in them.
So, how best to keep your kids safe when they are playing around the neighborhood?

Among some of the tips to follow:

  • Don’t leave them out when it is dark – Although you played outside in the summer as a kid when it was dark, times have changed. Make sure they are in before the sun goes down.

  • Don’t scare them to death – While keeping them safe is your top priority, you don’t want to instill anxiety in your child. By telling them to be careful when outside playing, you make them a little more responsible each day. As they get older, those lessons you taught them in their childhood should pay dividends.
  • Don’t wait to talk to others – If you find out a neighbor has a criminal record, alert others around you that you talk to. They may not know about such a record. Whether they have kids or not, they should know what is going on.

If one of your neighbors is a concern, what do you intend to do about it within the framework of the law?

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