Introducing the Lanmodo All-in-One Car Tent/Umbrella


The Lanmodo car tent and umbrella is the World’s 1st All-in-One Automatic car tent/umbrella.

Many functions

Here are some of the functions that this Lanmodo car product can do:

  • It can cover your car and protect it from hail, snow, and falling objects;
  • A great car parking shade to cool down the degree of heat inside the car;
  • Many functions such as a prevention of bird droppings, acid rain, dust, etc. – protecting the car finish;
  • One-size fits all – matches a sedan, SUV, Mini, Pickup, Jeep, 4-wheel beach drive;
  • Transforms into an automatic beach umbrella;
  • Transforms into a 4-person camping tent;
  • Transforms into a power bank to charge your devices and plugs into the USB led light.

Easy to set-up

Many people are tired of some of the manual car covers currently on the market as they are so complicated and almost a waste of time. But, Lanmodo car tent is a snap; to install with a one-touch wireless remote. It automatically folds and unfolds with the remote control. It is opened in about 9 seconds, and the complete process of installation only takes 30 seconds. It is designed with a folding structure and is portable to make certain that you can use it everywhere you park your car.

Falling objects

This protects your car from hail and falling objects. It has been tested with thrown stones and bricks from high places to the top of the Lanmodo car tent and it is able to withstand anything.


Car interiors can become quite hot and very uncomfortable when exposed to the sun for too long – whether it is parked for 8 hours at work in the hot sun or at the beach all day in the sun. It can keep the temperature inside around 36 degrees C no matter how long it is in the sun.

Double anti-theft

The Lanmodo car cover is created with a ‘double’ anti-theft system. This system is opened automatically and closed by the wireless remote and it cannot be folded-up and take away. Also, there is a rope that has wires of steel buried inside; that cannot be cut to avoid being stolen.

Wind ropes

The Lanmodo tent for the car is also fitted with 4 wind ropes which are able to be attached to door handles and the front view mirror for more steadiness. This makes it able to survive windy weather and a portable tent needs to be able to endure any windy storms. Its level of windproof is up to wind up to 13m/s.

Include when buying

This auto car tent/cover comes with the:

  • Tent/cover;
  • Car charger;
  • Bag;
  • Remote controller;
  • Wall Charger.

If you are looking for a gift for a family member or a friend, then this is the perfect choice.

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