How to Raise Money with Sideline Interactive’s Digital Scoring Tables


Digital scoring tables are a great way for schools or athletic clubs to raise money for different restoration projects or athletic programs. While there are many companies that produce decent quality scorer tables, the ones made by Sideline Interactive are by far the best ones. Not only are they sturdy and highly durable, but they are also easy to use and they come with many features that can make your job easier. Keep on reading if you want to know how to raise money with these devices.

1. Choose the right sponsors

Trying to convince every business in town to advertise themselves on your digital scorer tables might sound good in theory, but it can end up being a huge waste of time. The truth is that not all businesses are compatible with your events, so you should narrow down your choices to the businesses that have the most to gain from this type of sponsorship deal. When choosing your sponsors, consider the audience of your events. On the one hand, you have the athletes and their peers which all fall in the same age group and probably have similar interests. On the other hand, you have your team’s family members who always come to support your players. So, focus on businesses that appeal to either one of these two categories. Sport equipment shops, apparel boutiques, local gyms, entertainment spaces, restaurants and bars should be your first choice. Next, you can also try health facilities, supermarkets, home & garden shops and other businesses that could appeal to the families of your team.

2. Design an advertising plan

Once you have chosen the businesses that you want to approach, you must also put together a plan to make the most of each meeting. Start by designing advertising packages. Keep in mind that different businesses have different marketing budgets, so make sure that each business can afford at least one of your ad deals. The Sideline Interactive digital scoring tables come with a great software that provides you with proof of play reports. This will make your job a lot easier as you can prove to each business that their ads have been played according to the agreement.

3. Create different sales pitches

Since all businesses have different needs, they all need to be approached differently when it comes to advertising deals. Most of them may have never advertised themselves on scoring tables at sport events. As such, you should create several sales pitches that focus on the different needs of each business. For example, for a youth apparel shop, your sales pitch should highlight the fact that a great percentage of the people that attend your games is the exact target audience that a youth apparel boutique is looking for. Moreover, you should also know your product very well, so tell your potential sponsors the exact size of the ads and where the digital scoring tables will be placed for maximum visibility.

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