How To Know You’re Ready to Get Married


You’ve found someone with whom you have more fun than anyone else, with whom you enjoy life, and you cannot imagine spending the rest of your life without her. Now it’s time to ask her to marry you, but you’re hesitant. What if she says no? What if she tells you that you’re not there yet? What if she laughs in your face and tells you that you’re being ridiculous? It’s normal to feel a little nervous. You know she loves you, but putting yourself out there asking someone to marry you is a big deal. That’s why you might wonder if you’re ready to get engaged before you begin shopping for an engagement ring on

You Have Fun

If you have fun together no matter what you’re doing, that is a good sign you’re ready to get married. It takes more than just fun, of course, but when you have fun with someone planting flowers and doing yard work just as often as you have fun with her on vacation or doing something else exciting, it’s a good sign she’s not going to say no.

You Are Good for One Another

Everyone has their moments, but she makes you want to be a better person. She makes you want to do more, be more, and achieve more. She brings out all the qualities and traits in yourself that make you want to be a better person. If you do the same for her, you’re a match made in Heaven. Just don’t let a little disagreement here or there deter you from wanting to be together. You’re going to argue with one another on occasion, but you also make the other person better.

You’re Not Interested in Anyone Else

The moment you realize you no longer want to meet new women, go on another first date, or have another first kiss again, you know you’re ready to get married. There’s something so familiar and exciting about being with the person you love most for the rest of your life, and you’ll know when you meet her. When you find the one who makes you feel this way, don’t let her go.

You Just Know

It’s a feeling you will recognize when you feel it. You just know. You can’t imagine your future without this person. You can’t imagine life without this person. You can’t imagine ever spending another day with someone else, and you just know. That’s when it’s time to get married.

If she feels this way about you, too, she’s not going to say no. While it’s normal to worry she might not want to marry you, you know deep down she’s not going to say no. Now is the time to ask the person you love most to marry you, and it’s time to shop for the perfect engagement ring to ask with. It’s going to change your life, but it’s changing for the better.

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