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How to Go Green While Apartment Living


Nobody wants to live in a polluted environment. We all want our planet to be clean, considering the number of resources we get from it. It is easy to recycle paper and plastic. It is also easy to conserve energy and water by turning lights off and not leave the water running. However, we all need to take action in creating a cleaner environment by adopting new habits to create a greener planet to live in. Here are 5 great lifestyle tips to try this year in your luxury apartment

1) Unplug Your Devices

Even though you may think you are saving electricity by turning off your lamps or TVs, you are actually still using energy. To conserve electricity, it is important to unplug all of your devices or flipping the off switch on your surge protectors after turning the devices off.

2) Conserve Water

There are a lot of people wasting water for unnecessary reasons. It is easily avoidable to waste water by simply switching shower heads to Energy Star appliances in your own apartment home or asking your landlord to switch them to the whole building. These shower heads can save up to 2,300 gallons of water a year, which will go a long way. Not only will it save water, but it will also reduce the energy needed for water heaters.

3) Shop Better

Plenty of people are bad about wasting food. An easy tip that we can all benefit from is to get better at shopping. That entails only buying food that you know you are going to eat and will not end up wasting. It is even proven that you can reduce climate change by choosing more vegetarian options and eating less meat, due to all the resources it takes for farming for those foods.

4) Save Electricity

You can save energy by asking your landlord to switch to green power options if available to you from your local utility companies. This way you are using clean energy and being more sustainable.

5) Laundry

Being smart about laundry is another way to be conservative. A great tip is to use cold water instead of hot water when washing your clothes. Also, by using a drying rack as much as possible instead of the dryer, you will also save energy.

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