How to Create a Sense of Urgency In Your Marketing


When you’re marketing products and services one of the best things you can do to boost conversions is to create a sense of urgency, but how do you do that without coming off as too salesy or too cliché?

When you’re marketing, and you use words like “Act Fast” or “Get This Deal Before It’s Too Late” you’re automatically triggering the concept that the audience is being sold to.

Modern, discerning audiences don’t want to be sold to, and they’re used to subtle, sophisticated campaigns. At the same time, when you do emphasize the idea of urgency it can be helpful, as long as you follow tips like the ones below.

Countdown Timer

One of the coolest ways to add urgency is with a countdown timer for email or your website. With a countdown timer in an email as an example, it’s dynamic, and it will automatically update each time someone opens or reopens the email.

You can customize it to match your user’s location and branding, and you can create that pivotal sense of urgency without using the standard salesy lingo that tends to turn customers off.

There is just something about a countdown timer that is more likely to spur people to take action. It’s somewhat like timing yourself to finish a work task. You’re likely to work much more quickly knowing the clock is running, as opposed to knowing you have several hours or days to complete it.

Highlight A Need

Sometimes you can evoke feelings of urgency in your audience even if you don’t use cheesy wording.

Instead, you can do your research, collect your data, get to know your audience and create customer personas. Then, once you’ve done that you can deliver that feeling of urgency by framing your product or service as fulfilling a need the customer has.

If you can drill down into the specifics of a niche need your customer has and then frame your marketing around that, then you’re inherently going to get that feeling of urgency on the part of buyers. There’s another advantage of this need fulfillment strategy, and that’s the fact that your content is going to be more engaging for users when it solves a problem for them, and engagement is always good as well.

Color Choice

Sometimes creating urgency doesn’t have to be as direct as saying “Get This Deal Today Only.”

Instead, you can rely on more subtle marketing techniques, including choosing the right colors. The color red tends to implicitly indicate urgency in our culture, and green and orange can work well also.

Finally, if you include limited quantities as part of your sales pitch, or certain windows of time to take advantage of an offer, make sure these are legitimate. Don’t say it just for the sake of trying to promote false urgency. When you stick with the deadlines or scarcity you outline in your marketing, your audience will start seeing that you mean business, triggering them to take action.

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