How to Choose the Perfect Paint


Traditional brick-and-mortar paint stores still offer the best combination of selection and price for homeowners looking to paint their houses or other possessions. Perhaps most importantly, the paint store in Evanston IL employs very knowledgeable professionals who can help you find the right paint for your needs. There are so many different kinds of paint on the market these days that choosing one can be confusing. This article will provide you some help in that regard, but you should really go into the paint store to learn from the employee’s expertise.

Exterior house paint

As you probably already know, it is very important to use different paint for the exterior of the house than for the interior. This is due to several different reasons. The paint on the exterior of the house will be exposed to the elements, so it needs to be formulated to stand up to rain, snow and more. Also the surfaces on the exterior the house will be different than the smooth drywall use on the interior the house. Make sure do not make the common mistake of using interior paint or any other type of paint except exterior house paint on the outside of your house. Ask one of the customer service reps at the paint store Evanston IL for help.

Interior house paint

As previously mentioned, it is vital to not mix up interior house paint and exterior house paint. If you try to use exterior house paint on the interior surfaces, it will not bind properly to the drywall. It will also not look nearly as good. In addition, interior house paint is often formulated to be stain resistant. This is especially important if you have young children living in the house. Everybody knows that young kids often like to draw on the walls, or spill food everywhere. Make sure you’re prepared with high-quality house paint.

Custom mix paint

A good paint store will be happy to custom mix different shades of paint together. This way, you can get any shade you like. There is usually an additional charge for this, but it is quite reasonable considering you can have literally any shade of paint in the world. Some paint stores even have high-tech machines that could recognize any color and mix the paint automatically it to match it. Check with your Evanston IL paint store for this service.

Visit your Evanston paint store

Now that you know a little bit more about the types of paint available at your Evanston paint store, come in for a visit. Employees would be happy to help you out and share their expertise with you. We look forward to seeing you in our store.

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