How to Build An Emotional Connection with Your Customers


If you put your focus anywhere when it comes to marketing, whether you’re a small business or otherwise, you should try to put your efforts toward creating an emotional connection with customers. When you can cultivate an emotional bond with your customers or potential customers through your marketing, your content and products are going to perform significantly better in most cases.

Having an emotional connection with your audience is important for building a positive brand experience, and your brand is more likely to resonate with your audience over the long-term if there is some sort of emotion evoked.

Some of the best emotions to evoke include humor, the sense of safety or reassurance, or creating the sense that the audience is important and is a priority.

So how do you build that necessary emotional bond through marketing?

Tell A Story

Don’t just appeal to the logical mind of your audience. Instead, build a sense of an emotional connection through telling a story. Visual storytelling can work particularly well because it becomes interactive, which improves engagement.

When you’re telling a story focus your attention on building out characters so that they feel real and dimensional. You’ll notice something a lot of big brands are currently doing on social media platforms like Instagram is creating narrative-based campaigns that follow the story of a character over a period of time.

Consider the Subtle Elements

Sometimes a big component of an emotional connection relies not on just the overt messaging, but also the more subtle elements. For example, the color palette you use in your marketing materials or on your website may change how your audience perceives your content.

The Human Connection

Probably one of the easiest ways to develop a sense of emotionality with your audience is by giving them human contact. Your audience, in spite of all of the advancements the digital world offers them, wants to be able to feel like they’re connecting with another person.

This can be achieved by emphasizing the importance of customer service in your marketing. You can also make sure that you’re putting a lot of focus on being responsive on social media and promptly responding to questions, comments, and even criticism.

Know Your Audience

In all things that you do you want to be able to speak directly to your audience and to do this, you need to know your user. You want to get to know who you’re targeting and talk to them in a language and tone that’s familiar to them. If you can create audience personas before creating marketing materials, you can then use those personas to create conversations rather than coming off strictly as an advertiser.

Use plenty of personal pronouns, and also make sure your verbiage is reflective of the emotions you want to convey, in a subtle way.

Ultimately your objective with marketing should be to offer a unique product or service that only you can provide in the way that you do, paired with a strong emotional connection. That will mean the most effective results from your content.

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