How much time is required daily for cannabis cultivation?


Growing weeds from marijuana seeds might sound like a fancy idea but it comes with its own set of responsibilities. Each day, you are required to spend some time with your marijuana plants if you want to get some decent yield. In case you are thinking of venturing into marijuana cultivation, you should first try to understand the cultivation process fully and the amount of time that it is likely to take daily.

Many think that all that they need to do is to just buy the best cannabis seeds USA has to offer and sow them in planters and everything else will happen automatically. In a way, that is true because you do not necessarily do anything to make the plant grow. The plant has to grow by itself and it does. However, in order for that to happen correctly, you will need to tend the plants, care for them by giving what it needs at the right time. Plants cannot go seeking for what they want. They are at the mercy of the environment. If you are cultivating cannabis indoor, then your plants are at your mercy. You will need to provide whatever the plants require. This is going to take time; you cannot just put your weed cultivation project on autopilot and reap the harvest. It simply does not work that way.

Coming back to the original question, how much time do you really need to successfully cultivate cannabis at home? It will vary from time to time, from one phase of the cultivation process to the other. In the initial stages, you will need lot more time than at the later phases. When you are setting up the project you will need an initial few hours. Once the plants germinate and when they are planted, you will just need hardly around twenty to thirty minutes daily. Every state stipulates the total number of plants that you are allowed to have at any given point of time and that aren’t many. So twenty to thirty minutes daily should be more than sufficient. If you think that you are not ready for that kind of time investment, then do not venture into the cultivation process. In that case, you should be alright with searching for quality cannabis to smoke every time you run out of stock. You should be alright to settle for any kind of weeds that you could gain access to and be alright paying a high price for the same. If you cannot settle for poor quality weeds or ready to pay a high price for poor quality marijuana then you should be prepared to invest your time. You cannot have both ways. The decision is yours and people who have resorted to growing their own cannabis are smiling despite the efforts that they are required to take as they see those efforts worthwhile when compared to the series of benefits that they enjoy in growing their own marijuana.

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