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How Many Mice Live In An Average Size Nest?


Mice can nest anywhere in your home, so it’s important to know just how many mice you may have running round if you have found a mouse nest on your property.

In a single mice nest, there will be at least 5 mice. Female mice can produce eight litters every year, with an average of 6 mice being born each time. A newborn mouse is pink in colour, blind and hairless.

If the mice from the previous litter decide to live in the same nest as the newborns, the number of mice per nest will increase dramatically. It only takes 35 days for a mouse to reach sexual maturity, and most of the time they will stay in the same nest if it’s protected and has a great food source nearby.

Having just one mouse nest in your home could be the course for an entire household infestation. A whole colony of mice can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so need to be dealt with immediately. They can chew through wires and be a fire hazard. They contaminate food with their droppings, and gnaw your favorite pieces of furniture.

When you find a mouse nest, you need to decide on how you’re going to treat it. Follow these steps to help you get rid of your mouse problem.

  • Identify the species. There are many different species of mouse, from the field mouse to the house mouse. You can usually tell what kind of mice you have by noticing their droppings (the bigger the mouse, the bigger the dropping).
  • Check all of your home. If your house is particularly cluttered, now might be the time to tidy up. Checking all of the hiding places a mouse could make a nest in is a must to make sure you can get rid of the infestation as quickly as possible.
  • Watch out for signs. Mice will leave urine, droppings, stains and bite marks around your home. Keeping your eye out for these signs will tell you what level of an infestation your dealing with. The more signs there are, the more mice there will be on your property.
  • Call in a professional. An expert pest controller is needed to effectively get rid of a mouse infestation. A local pest control provider will also help to mouse proof your home so no infestations happen in the future.

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