Here’s how you can earn JPMiles with all the Airline Partners of Jet Privilege


If you are looking for the best rewards on flight booking, it would be wise to enrol for the JetPrivilege programme. By doing so, you get to earn ‘JPMiles’, while you can later redeem for an award flight, and enjoy several benefits and privileges that you are entitled to as a member.

Each time you make a flight booking with the airline partners of the JetPrivilege programme, you get to earn JPMiles, which can later be redeemed for an award flight (free flight) to more than 1000 destinations across the world!

While some airline companies make it a tough task to redeem the hard-earned miles, JetPrivilege tends to keep things simple – both earning and redeeming. You can earn and redeem your JPMiles with more than 25 airline partners, which are the big fish of the airline industry.

However, booking a flight with its airline partners is not the only way to add up JPMiles to your account. With over 150 non-air programme partners, JetPrivilege allows you to earn JPMiles while carrying out daily activities and spends.

Here are some more ways that can help you earn JPMiles with JetPrivilege’s Airline Partners:

  • Swipe any of the co-brand cards for your everyday spends
  • Book a stay at one of the programme’s hotel partners
  • Dine with the Dining partners
  • Shop with the retail partners
  • Convert your loyalty points of other programmes into JPMiles

So, even if you aren’t a frequent flyer, you can still keep the miles-earning momentum going. A co-brand card can help you earn miles even faster, as a certain number of miles are added to your account each time you make a purchase. By choosing one of the many co-brand cards available, you get to enjoy exclusive card-member benefits, such as complimentary air tickets, Bonus JPMiles on joining, Tier Points, discount vouchers and much more!

Moreover, JetPrivilege and its partners regularly come up with some fabulous promotional offers, thereby further increasing your chances to earn additional miles and help you avail your award flight as soon as possible.

Of course you need to be a member of the programme to be able to claim the accumulated airline miles and enjoy all the benefits and privileges that the programme offers. The good part is that you can claim miles for past travel within the last 6 months on Jet Airways before enrolment. Once you enrol, just log in and click on ‘Claim Past JPMiles’ under Earn JPMiles.

The company has also introduced the Business Rewards+ programme that lets companies enrol in the JetPrivilege programme by opting for a company-level account. However, the enrolment is currently available only through subscription to the corporate co-brand credit card by American Express.

No doubt, with all that in store for you, air travel is now a lot more exciting and rewarding!

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