Hair Transplant- Find a Permanent Solution to Hair Replacement


Want to restore your self-confidence and look a million bucks? Hair transplantation is surely a way to help you get on the right track to create a youthful appearance and regain that lost confidence.

An aesthetic procedure, hair restoration is performed on men and women experiencing hair loss, thinning of hair or baldness in a significant way. It is basically a procedure, which involves moving hair from an area of the scalp which has not been affected by thinning or baldness to the patch where there is loss of hair.

Hair loss is common in both men and women. In India, male baldness is very common and sets in when the hairline regresses exposing more area of the forehead. Hair thinning at the crown or the top of the head is also a common pattern of hair loss revealed in men. Women on the other hand, experience considerable thinning of hair owing to hormonal imbalances or other causes.

A hair transplant is normally regarded as a cosmetic surgery and is key to reinstate self-esteem, rid insecurities with results that look natural and appealing. It is a major decision- a permanent alteration to one’s appearance and it is but natural that one would want to make an informed decision. There are several plastic surgery doctors in Mumbai and other cities who specialize in this area.

Hair transplant is no longer a distant dream. For example, hair transplant in Mumbai is a growing cosmetic procedure. There are several methods of hair transplant that a patient can opt from.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

One of the most popular and trusted technique, restoration is done using a special punch device to remove separate grafts of hair singularly. The entire head is shaved first and grafts are then placed into tiny incisions or slits made in the scalp. Follicular units are removed directly from the scalps eradicating use of scalpel and stitches.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT or Strip Method)

This does not involve shaving on the head; instead a strip of skin bearing hair is removed generally from the back and sides of the head. This is divided into grafts of about two hairs. These grafts are placed into tiny incisions made in the scalp. The wound owing to the stripping of skin in the scalp is stitched.


A treatment that does not use any invasion, mesotherapy is used to treat thinning of hair, hair loss in women due to hormonal imbalance and baldness in men. A concoction of vitamins, homeopathic drugs, extracts from plants, minerals, anti-oxidants and traditional western medicines inserted directly into the follicles of the hair gives multiplied and remarkable results by providing nourishment.

FUE and FTE usually get done in a day. In exceptional cases, two or more sessions within a few months apart, are needed if the area to be treated in large. Mesotherapy is practically painless but FUE and FTE are not too painful either. An online doctor appointment facility helps in booking surgeries, giving post-surgery support and any assistance to relieve any discomfort post the surgery. Transplanted hair grows out in a few weeks and in a few months hair will start its growing phase post which the hair starts growing at a normal rate.

With all the changes in medical science, hair transplantation is the only predictable, reliable and lasting remedy to hair loss. Unarguably it is the visually appealing and aesthetic change that makes it the proven remedy for baldness or hair thinning.

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