Great Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


While Christmas is a great time to be with friends and family, it can be more than a little stressful if you have forgotten to get gifts. Thankfully there are a number of different ideas for gifts that aren’t too dear and will be sure to please anyone that you want to spend the holidays with. Here are 5 great Christmas gift ideas.

1. Gel Pens

While this may seem like a bit of an odd choice, many people have found themselves enjoying the adult coloring craze. Pair them with an adult coloring book and maybe some nice tea for a calm and relaxing night in. Because the coloring books are so popular, most interests and hobbies are now well represented within their pages.

2. Shortbread Tins

A classic and one that is sure to please even the pickiest person. Delicious shortbread in a cute tin makes for a gift that they can enjoy right away and throughout the years as well. Try picking one out that is well known or that has a flavor you can only get during the holidays. You may even be able to pick out a collectible tin for people you know who will enjoy them.

3. Joke Pens

Everyone loves a good laugh and pens with large accouterments or with silly sayings on them are great gifts for people at the office. Nothing says holiday cheer like a good laugh and most silly pens won’t break the bank. Just make sure to pick one that writes with ease and that you can refill the ink on, ensuring that the person you gift the pen too, will actually be able to use it as much as they want.

4. Crafting Supplies

If you know someone who likes to spend their time working with their hands, getting them various crafting supplies is a great way to make sure that they know you care. Anything from glue to specialty glitters and more can make a great gift. This is also a great idea for young children. Try making up a set of different materials for them to work with and printing off some ideas for crafts from the internet. It’s even better if you set aside time to work on a project with them.

5. Stationary and Office Supplies

While this may seem a bit boring, giving someone you know some stationary or office supplies is actually a great way to support them throughout the year. Notepads, specialty pens, post-it notes, batteries for all of the various gadgets within their office, and even specialty envelopes can all be great gifts. This helps them save money through the year and you can always pair more basic items with a larger or more expensive offering to make a set that is sure to please even the pickiest of friends.

Christmas giving doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to come from the heart. No matter what you decide to give for Christmas gifts, make sure that you include all of the batteries, additional parts, and materials necessary to make everything work.

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