Games to play with friends – 4 most loved games


Fun! Fun! fun who does not want to have fun in their lives? Absolutely no one. And the beauty is that life has so much to offer. Right!. It all depends on how you approach it. Well, nature has been presenting thousands of ways of having fun both to the young and the old. Playing of games seems to have caught up with a majority of adults in the recent past. And most of them will take advantage of playing games to ask tag questions. For example, who is most likely to invent something worth millions?

But let’s explore some of the common games anyone can play with friends:

  • Tug of War

We have all heard about working as a team. And this is exactly what this game demands. But the teams must be evenly matched. However, preparation is of the essence. And you know what, the fun in it is unmeasurable.

  • Sprinkler Tag

Hey! This keeps everyone cool. And especially when it is played on a hot day. All you require is a set-up of two garden sprinklers! And Voila! You are ready to play.

  • Balloon Stomp

This is particularly an indoor game. And it involves popping of balloons by players without necessary touching them with their hands. But each player must have enough inflated balloons. And here is a secret to making game more fun; play fast music to set the tone of the game and the last person with an intact balloon becomes the winner.

The truth is games present a moment of freshness and catching up with friends. And by the way, it is during these games you toss around your friends’ minds by throwing to them a thinking challenge of would you rather questions. Most of these questions keep them thinking. For example; would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside?

Well, another set of games include: –
  • Jacks

It can be played by either single or multiple players. And the fun in it is that you can use stones or purchase jacks at a local store. Players take turns in seeing how many jacks they can pick up. But it isn’t it fun? Oh Yes, it is surrounded by so much fun.

Games are common when there are parties or sleepovers. And apparently, you do not need to look for them from hundreds of useless websites, which purport to support different types of games. Follow the websites at your own risk.

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