Five Ways to Treat Your Wedding Guests to Something Special


Your wedding day is an extremely important day for you and your partner, a chance to commit to one another and celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest.

And while the focus should be on the happy couple, it’s easy to forget that your guests need to enjoy your day too.

So, here are five ways to go the extra mile for your wedding.

Goodie Bags and Welcome Boxes

With many couples now forgoing the traditional favours, you can offer your guests something more personal with these wedding starter kits.

It can be your chance to provide them with an individual welcome note, useful items such as emergency plasters for those inevitable blisters, and even a fun hangover kit, along with some more luxury items.

Not only will they feel touched by the personalised nature of the favours, they will also come in more useful than traditional gifts.

Check out this post by The Knot to get your creative juices flowing.

DIY Activities

These activities are a perfect way to get your guests involved in your big day and make them feel special.

It can be anything from a DIY flower station, where guests can create their own flower arrangement, to an interactive drinks bar, letting your guests concoct their own personalised cocktails.

Some couples have even favoured a DIY dessert over the typical wedding tradition – a Make Your Own Ice-Cream Sundae or doughnut display, allowing guests to choose their favourite doughnut, is a fun and interactive way to get your guests involved and treat them to something special.

For more fun DIY ideas, check out this Pinterest post here.

Striking Lighting

One sure fire way to make your wedding guests feel special is to take extra care with all those little things, including the way you light up your celebrations.

Whether it’s giving guests an opportunity to take photos with romantic light-up letters of yours and your partners’ initials, or just creating an intimate and magical atmosphere with festoon lighting, these details will make your wedding just that bit more special.

And, if you want to go that one step further, you can even find light-up chalkboards which could be used as an interactive guest book, on which your guests can write their own personalised messages.

Check out Light It Up UK here for more ideas.

Unique Entertainment

Lots of couples can fall into a rut with their entertainment but there are plenty of ways to treat your guests to something special.

Whether it’s a caricaturist to capture your guests throughout the day or giant lawn games, thinking outside of the box can make your wedding more memorable.

One sure fire way to make your guests feel more involved is a selfie board or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a video room or even a Wedding Photo booth in Vancouver. Guests can use these to record their messages to the happy couple, or just take some goofy photos, and will come away feeling more involved in the big day.

Understand their basic needs

Wedding planning can be a stressful business and, understandably, the less obvious aspects can fall by the wayside. But, one of the worst things you can do is to neglect the basic needs of your guests.

So, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it would be a good idea to make sure your guests have luxury toilets rather than standard portable toilets or provide bottles of water if it’s a sweltering day.

It really is true what they say, the little things make all the difference.

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