Five Ways to Become a Career DJ


Don’t want the typical 9-to-5 job? Being a DJ is a great alternative to a cube farm or other typical job. DJs can make solid amounts of money. In fact, the most famous DJ’s can earn millions of dollars. Even those who don’t reach such heights can often establish well-paying and respected careers.

However, deejaying is a competitive field to break into. Quite simply, a lot of people want to be DJs. It’s just a matter of whether you have the right music samples that make people want to dance.

Have a Passion for Music

Every aspiring DJ needs to love music. This means more than loving a particular genre or era. As a DJ, it’s best to have eclectic tastes and to know the latest trends.

There are many music genres. As a DJ, a great way to create beats and music that people love is to mix genres together. Mixing up music allows you to create something original and unique. These are called mashups.

Over time, as you master more genres, you will establish a reputation.

Take Time to Understand the History

Don’t want to be a history major? Fair enough. Yet, anyone who aspires to be a DJ should know the evolution of the industry and the technology. By seeing what led to success in the past, you may be able to discover opportunities in the present.

There have been many famous and uber-successful DJ’s throughout history. Most likely, you already know many of the dames. Dr. Dre, Timberland, Tiesto, Skrillex– these are just some of the more famous names. Digging deeper, you’ll find other famous and successful DJs present and past.

You want to learn from and replicate their success by studying their methods.

Be Financially Responsible

There’s no way around it: you’re going to have to be thrifty. Many DJs who are just getting started are going to earn a relatively low wage. Often, DJs have to operate in expensive markets, like New York or London.

Meanwhile, DJs need to buy expensive equipment, such as laptops and mixing machines. In order to pay for this equipment, a DJ is going to have to be fiscally responsible. A DJ who blows their earnings will struggle to build a strong foundation.

Approach DJing as a Business

Music is passion, and for DJs, music is life. Still, music isn’t the only aspect of being a DJ. A great DJ will also have a keen business sense. Make sure that you consider these aspects right from the get-go.

From marketing to accounting, there are many business aspects to being a DJ and every aspiring DJ would do well to understand these facets of the career. The business factors are easy to overlook in such an exciting field, but often they are what sets apart a successful DJ from an unsuccessful one.

Cultivate Your Own Brand and Unique Angle

Anyone can put together a playlist of the current hot hits. As a DJ, you’re going to have to offer a lot more than the mundane or the common. It’s important to develop a unique angle, and to build this angle into a solid, complete brand.

Perhaps you can develop a few “trademark” beats and styles. Find an angle to music that reflects you and your interests, and then drive it home.

In Conclusion

Becoming a DJ can be a great career choice that will lead to exciting and lucrative work. Nonetheless, every aspiring DJ has to pursue their career with passion, patience, effort and knowledge.

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