Features to Look for In a Modern Bread Machine


No modern kitchen should lack a bread maker as this appliance doesn’t only deliver freshly made, delicious homemade bread, but it also provides it without asking you to put any actual effort into its preparation either. Modern machines that prepare bread have come a long way, far surpassing their more rudimentary predecessors. What makes them such popular kitchen appliances are the numerous features that accompany them, features that we’ll discuss more in the following lines.

Delay Timer

Most modern bread machines come with the delay timer, a feature that is quite necessary as it greatly enhances the convenience of using the kitchen appliance. The reason why this function is so important is that it allows you to set the start time of the baking process whenever is best suited. Generally, these appliances offer the possibility to delay the start of the bread’s preparation up to 13 hours. Thus, due to this great feature, you will be able to enjoy eating freshly made bread when you wake up in the morning or when you arrive home from a tiring day of work. Just leave the ingredients inside the machine, set the timer, and let the appliance do its job.

Baking Programs

The baking program of the machine represents a sequence of actions that have the goal of preparing a certain type of bread or bread specialty. These programs basically follow certain recipes, so as long as you put in the right ingredients, the appliance will be able to prepare the baked good without a problem. A high-end machine offers a plethora of programs to choose from, and it’s important to go with one that is the most versatile. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the baked good of your choice in no time without having to put any effort into preparing it yourself. We recommend that you read useful bread machine guides to learn more about the characteristics of the most baking programs. This way, you will be able to choose more easily what programs the appliance of your choice should have.

Other Important Features

Besides the delay timer and the baking programs, there are other features that typically accompany bread machines and that helps boost the performance of these appliances. One of the best features to look for is the dispenser, a special adaptation that allows various extra ingredients to be added at the right time during the baking process, ingredients such as nuts or raisins, for example. This will spare you from having to keep an eye on the baking process in order to pause it when the additives should be placed in the dough. Another important modern feature that comes with these appliances is the possibility to choose the preferred crust color. Sure, it might not impact the taste of the bread, but it greatly impacts the aspect that the baked food has at the end, which is very important for a lot of cooks who care for the way their meals look.

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