Essential Steps to Growing Marijuana


Cannabis legalization is spreading now across the U.S., which means good news for those who suffer from mild headaches or other types of afflictions that can be cured by smoking marijuana. In the following, we will show you what are the essential steps to grow quality marijuana, so follow carefully if you’re interested.

Step #1 – Perfect location

Growing the plants outdoors is a cheap solution to go with as you won’t have to spend any money on grow lights, the sun providing sufficient lighting for the growth of the cannabis. But there are quite a few downsides to outdoor growing, the biggest one being the fact that unexpected visitors might eat or destroy them, and that pollination might occur. Growing them indoors is more private and convenient, and all you need is a spare room that is spacious enough to host the pots.

Step #2 – Grow lights

When it comes to grow lights for cannabis, there are quite a few options to choose from, more precisely sun light, LED grow lights, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, CFLs, and other types of fluorescent lighting, such as T5 and T8. While all the other types of grow lights are suited for an indoor growing environment, the sun light is applicable only when it comes to growing the plants outdoors.

Step #3 – Growing medium

The grow mediums for cannabis are organic composted super soil, soilless mixes such as perlite, vermiculite, or coco coir, hydroponics, aquaponics, or aeroponics.

Step #4 – Nutrients

Like all plants, marijuana needs nutrients to grow and thrive. If you compost your own super soil, there won’t be a need to add nutrients as the soil already contains them. On the other hand, if you go with hydroponics, you should buy pre-formulated nutrients that you add in the water to properly feed the plants.

Step #5 – Procure the plants

You have to choose between two options when it comes to this step; either get seeds and grow them from the bottom up or get clones of live female cannabis plants for an easier growing process. If you want to take the easier route and you don’t know anyone who grows cannabis, go to a cannabis dispensary to procure the plants.

Step #6 – Storing the weed

The container where you store the weed is essential as it guarantees the marijuana will be kept fresh. Go on to find high quality smell proof bags where you can properly store the plants that you have grown. Also, the bags make for a good container to put the cannabis that you give to friends as a gift, ensuring the weed will stay in a perfect condition for a long time.

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