Effects of Air Pollution on Children’s Health


Researchers have found out that there is a relation between ambient air pollution and adverse health conditions in children. Mostly the adverse effects of air pollution relate to respiratory health, including conditions such as asthma and slowdown in functioning and growth of lungs. However, there are other instances such as increased mortality, pregnancy outcomes and weaker immune systems which have been associated with rising air pollution.

Children are more vulnerable to health risks from air pollution because they breathe in air at a higher rate than adults. Also, their developing lungs and immune systems are particularly affected by outdoor and indoor air pollution. Studies have identified six major pollutants that affect a child’s health.

  • Ozone(O3)
  • Particulate Matter(PM)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2)
  • Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)
  • Carbon monoxide(CO)
  • Lead(Pb)
The effects of these pollutants on children’s health include,
  • Increase in mortality rates in infants due to sudden infant death syndrome because exposure to the pollutants listed above. Particulate Matter has been identified as a prime cause for post-neonatal mortality.
  • Adverse effects on pregnancy are also reported due to excessive quantity of these pollutants in ambient air. The adverse effects include premature birth, low weight, and other disorders in the newborns.
  • Respiratory diseases in children can be directly associated with air pollution. Evidence points towards air pollutants and their role in under development of lung functions in children of all ages.
  • Air pollution is also reducing immunity in children. Lower immunity means lower resistance to diseases which may result in children falling sick regularly.
Buying an air purifier for your home or office

Air purifying products provide a veritable solution for your child’s health. Air purifiers from global brands such as Honeywell home air purifiers have been tested for high pollutant purification efficiency and can remove 99.97{c3361bb0cafa607323a298437b54afc507cdfbda6b55a640fbdde2a09fd3f6b4} of pollutants from ambient air. However, buyers should beware from buying air ionizers, which might release Ozone as a by-product, a substance that is on top of the list of pollutants that harm children’s health and well-being.

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