Effect of Genital Warts in Singapore


Due to lack of proper sex education, the world is immersing itself into wide ranges of sexual infection and diseases. Let it be any country in the world, all are having victims of a sexual disease. When a person gets infected with this type of infection he or she by themselves are not aware of it unless and until the symptoms arise. People believe that using a condom is the best method to protect from sexual infection. It is obvious that condom may prevent sexual infection transmission, but to what extent? This is the major question.

Singaporeans: Victims of many sexual diseases:

Sex is acting as most important transmission factor for spreading of sexual infection from one person to another. Many folks in Singapore are blindly involving in sex without having proper knowledge about it. Having sex with multiple partners and unprotected sex with known is a very risky situation. This is because when one person gets infected he/she may act as a carrier to spread it to many unaffected individuals involving in sex with them. As a result of the rate of the person affected by sexual disease increases. People knowingly or unknowingly involving in sexual activities find themselves with minor to severe symptoms of the sexual disease like HIV, HPS, AIDS, Genital warts and so on.

Genital warts awareness:

To make Singapore people aware of the sexual disease and its consequence, Genital warts Singapore– an NGO specifically dealing with Genital Warts has emerged. This NGO mainly deals with the people infected with HPV infection, who’s mild infection causes Genital Warts and severe infection leads to cancer in the cervix, anal, penis, and mouth. They believe that any type of disease when diagnosed earlier it is easy to treat it. But in case of sexually transmitted disease case, people feel shy and they don’t want to expose to others that they are infected with such type of disease. People when they come to know about their disease profile, they simply commit suicide or indulge themselves in illegal activities. Along with this service, they also provide proper guidance to an individual who is affected by sexual infection and help them in a speedy recovery.

Fact profile about Genital Warts:

A type of infection which is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is Genital warts. It is scientifically known as Condylomata acuminate. It is a type of sexually transmitted infection which is highly contagious in nature. It is a type of skin abnormalities which especially affect the skin regions of human genital organs when they encounter unprotected sex with the infected individuals. The people who are suffering from this disease must visit Genital warts clinic, which is specifically treating this disease alone. The main causative reason of genital warts is sexual intercourse with the infected person. The appearance of small bumps in and around the genital organs is evident that it is genital warts. This infection may sometimes get cured without any diagnoses, but in some cases, it needs an expert hand in treating the infection. Unprotected sex, Sex with Multiple partners, Oral and anal sex, Involving in sex at young age and Sex with HIV infected person are all other major reason for getting Genital warts.

Make yourself free from Genital Warts:

The webpage contains ample amount of information about all types of sexual disease and their consequences. The major reason for a person to get infected with sexual disease or infection is unprotected sex. Indulging in illegal sexual activities at a young age causes both physical and mental disturbance in life. To protect oneself from a sexual infection like Genital warts:

  • Ensure that your partner is not a carrier of any infection.
  • Remember that safe sex leads to a healthy life.
  • Avoid sex with an unknown person.
  • Never have sex with multiple partners.
  • Accidently became a rape victim, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor for post-rape infections.
  • Always use condoms. This has a dual benefit. Protects from sexual infection transmission and unexpected pregnancy.
  • Maintain a good hygiene. Ensure that your private parts are cleaned after sexual intercourse.
  • As soon as abnormal symptoms encountered, it is advisable to visit your family doctor.
  • Never hide any incidents related to sex from peer or physicians which may lead to dangerous consequences.

Being truthful to your partner, avoiding sexual intimacy with an unknown person, and away from illegal sexual activities will make you free of sexual infection and in turn, also provides a happy life.

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