Don’t Sweat It – 5 Signs You Need Car AC Repair in Calgary  


Does a malfunctioning car air conditioner have you down and out? Don’t sweat it: get AC car repair in Calgary instead. As a matter of fact, there are a few tell-tale signs you need to have your air conditioner repaired sooner than later Continue reading for five signs you need car AC repair in Calgary.

Is Your Cold Air Not-So Cold?

Although your AC may be blowing cold air, do you have to systematically dial it down to achieve the same level of comfort as you did previously on higher settings? Or do you find yourself having to sweat it out on those hotter days because your air conditioner seems to be missing the mark? In either case, your air conditioner may simply need more Freon or it could be:

  • A failed compressor or motor
  • Leaking Freon
  • Damaged evaporator
  • Clogged tubes
  • Blown fuses or switches

Unfortunately, the problem will not fix itself, so it’s best to seek car AC repair in Calgary before the small problem intensifies.

Can You Feel It Now?

After cranking up your AC, you barely feel anything coming out of the vents. You even place your hand up to the vent to ensure it’s working. Although you may feel the presence of cooler air, the force isn’t strong! Weak air conditioner flow can be caused by a number of culprits, such as an open seal, broken ventilation fan, or a loose hose. In either case, you’ll need a professional mechanic to inspect your system before your weak air flow turns into no air at all.

What’s That Smell?

When you drive your vehicle with your AC on, do you ever feel like you’re in a rancid locker room? While the air may be cool, it’s wrought with the smell of mildew or mold. There’s no need to sweat because you don’t have a gym for rodents in your AC. Instead, you may have mildew, mold, or both growing on your internal parts. You should have your AC checked out as soon as possible. Failure to do so can result in a much more muscular, bulkier repair bill.

Does Your AC Talk Back?

No one likes back talk – especially from an inanimate air conditioner for your car. Other than the gentle “whoosh” of your fan, your AC should be as quiet as a mouse. So, if you’re regularly hearing clanking and squeaking, you don’t have to take it sitting down. These disrespectful noises usually indicate a lack of lubrication, a worn-out belt, or other problems. Regardless of the cause, you should see your mechanic for car AC repair in Calgary before you hear nothing at all.

You’re Getting Hotter

In the beginning, your AC produces soothing cool air to your delight. After a few moments, however, something goes wrong, and the air starts getting warmer and warmer. It could be a faulty compressor clutch, a blow fuse, a clogged valve, or a leak. At this point, the only certainty is you should immediately find car AC repair in Calgary.

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