Commercial Doors – How Are They Different from Residential Doors?


Most of us tend to ignore doors and do not think that doors are not just the doors. Often, we miss paying attention that doors could possibly be different from one another. There are different kinds of doors made for different purposes. For example, commercial doors are installed in commercial buildings and are different from those used in residential areas. Before you get to know the different types of doors, it is essential to understand what the commercial doors are?

Commercial Doors

What Are Commercial Doors?

As it is evident from the name, the commercial doors are meant for commercial spaces and buildings. Thus, the doors you see in stores, hospitals, industrial areas, office buildings, schools, and other commercial areas are commercial doors. What is different about these doors is that they carry extra durability and strength as compared to the residential doors. They are expected to be sturdier when it comes to different levels of abuse, threats, and climate changes. As these doors are different and manufactured for commercial purposes, apparently, they are made of different materials.

Different Material Used To Make Commercial Doors Are:

Different materials like steel, wood, Aluminium, fiberglass is used to manufacture commercial doors.

  • Steel Doors – Made of steel, these doors are manufactured from metal sheets which are then enfolded around a honeycombed core for added strength and insulation. Locking systems are used into these doors to enhance the security levels.
  • Wood Doors – Made from thin wood veneer sheets, there is a composite core made from solid wood in these doors. These commercial doors are usually used in the interiors of commercial areas, as they are sensitive to extreme weather conditions.
  • Aluminum with Glass – For those looking for sophisticated, sturdy, and sleek commercial doors can opt for Aluminium doors combined with glass. These commercial doors look great and need low maintenance.
  • Full Glass Doors – Another popular option for commercial doors are the full glass doors that add to the aesthetics and are made of sturdy safety glass.
  • Fiberglass Doors – Made of plastic matrix and delicate fibers of glass, the Fiberglass doors are long-lasting and durable.
  • Overhead Doors – Made of steel sheets, the overhead doors can be commonly found in warehouses, docks, and storage facilities. These commercial doors carry large door openings and are favored because of their space-saving design.
Commercial Doors

Different Types Of Commercial Doors

You will come across many different looks, styles, and designs in the category of commercial doors. However, there are some basic types of doors used in commercial areas.

  • Scissor Gates – The scissor gates are made of high-quality steel and provide maximum security. Hence, they are the first choice for banks and lending firms.
  • Roll-up Doors – These doors come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations.
  • Fire Rated Doors – Made of fire-resistant materials, these commercial doors are used in buildings exposed to petrol and harmful chemicals.
  • Overhead Doors – These doors are the standard commercial doors that can roll up and typically used in garages, sheds, and warehouse.

Important Tips

When shopping for the commercial doors, thoroughly research the leading names in the industry available in your nearby area. With referrals and research, you can surely zero in on a reliable commercial door provider. Look for both qualities as well as professional customer care. The commercial doors are available in a wide range and selections that too at reasonable prices. The reputed manufacturers use only top-quality materials and create innovative designs based on durability, utility, and effectiveness. Look for high quality, yet cost-effective commercial door for your needs.


So, we can infer that with the growing demand for commercial doors, one will come across many commercial door providers in the market. All you need to do is make a wise decision in selecting the right commercial doors.

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