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Colorado Springs Pest Control


Colorado springs is a unique town with the only mountainside zoo in the United States. The zoo is home to many different species that people come to see everyday. Colorado springs isn’t only known for it’s mountainside zoo, but also for the incredible number of pests that live in the city and surrounding areas.

Colorado Springs is literally crawling most days. Colorado Springs pest control companies are constantly being called to different locations to manage different kinds of pests from rodents, yellow jackets, and ticks to spiders, flies, and snakes.

Why so many pests?

A great question to ask is why there are so many pests living inside of the this pretty city. This question is much easier asked than answered. In fact, we aren’t sure why there are so many pests that make Colorado Springs their homes, we just know that they do.

There are a few reasons we believe that there are so many pests. The mountains that surround the city is one of the main reasons we believe that there are so many pests. The mountain house all different sorts of bugs on their land. When the weather begins to change, the bugs start looking for other shelter and often find themselves moving down the mountainsides and into the residents home where it is warmer and dry.

There are also quite a few rodents that live inside of the city. This is a bit more tricky or a situation and much more thought has had to go into why we think there are so many rodents living inside of such a nice city. The first conclusion was that the town is growing so quickly. Because the town is growing, the amount of trash and waste is also increasing. Rodents live on trash. We are providing them a better life by having more garbage and waste for them to live off from. Working to better manage the amount of trash we are leaving on our streets and in our homes may be a great way to take control of the rodent infestation we are seeing.

We also believe the rodents, like the bugs, are trying to relocate from the mountainsides when the weather changes and they make their way into our homes for a better protection from the elements.

Bigger cities surrounding Colorado Springs have started cracking down on rodent control relatively heavily. They do not want rodents over-running their streets, businesses, or worse homes. The rodents are aware that they are being attacked and we think they have started to migrate to other cities on the outskirts on the inner cities to have a better chance at life. Colorado Springs is a great destination for them to set out towards when they are ready for a new life in a place where they feel more safe.

Regardless of how the rodents are getting here, Colorado Springs is started to crack down on their damage and presence.

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