Choosing and Maintaining the Perfect ATV


Spring and summer are the seasons where you can enjoy the outdoors more than ever. With the temperature at its highest, many people are ready to take their ATV’s out for a ride. If you are one of those people interested in an ATV, you should use these points to choose the right one and maintenance services from ATV services in Crofton.

Different kinds

You have the luxury to choose from high performance, sports and utility ATV’s. The high-performance type has large engines used for racing. They can be used on mountains, sand dunes and in the woods as well as other terrains. The sports type is smaller in size and can be altered easily. Utility type, as the name implies are used for work or hunting and are larger than the rest. They are available in different types so you can decide which category best suits your needs.

Power of engine

Skills are required in the use of an ATV and you should choose the engine power that you can handle at your skill level. Between 125 cc and 250 cc is alright for adults while children can be limited to 70 cc to 90 cc depending on their age.

Electric or gas

Electric ATV’s are less powerful, less work to maintain and require consistent charging if not they run out of power faster. Gas ATV’s on the other hand, have a wider range to choose from and more difficult to use for learners. You need to pick one of the two options that is best for you. You might have the opportunity to test both of them before deciding the perfect fit.


The types of tires on an ATV determines the type of terrain you can use it on. You generally have to select a machine that has the correct thread of tire as the terrain you plan on using it on and also check the number of piles. For example, if you will be on a sandy trail, the best option is the paddle thread while you should pick angled thread for a muddy terrain. If you are going to be riding on different terrain or you have not even made your choice of activities yet, you should stay with the all terrain thread option.

Used or brand new

The price, parts, condition and availability of warranty will usually be the chief factors to determine if you should opt for a new or a used ATV. The brand new option comes with a warranty and no faults but is equally more expensive. You would have to check for mechanical issues with a used one but it is more cost effective.

ATV maintenance

You don’t want to be stuck dealing with a faulty ATV that is acting up because it has been dormant for months. There are different ATV services in Crofton that can help you with maintenance issues to avoid frustration. They will have the best spare parts and maintenance services to leave your machine in top shape. Choose from available ATV services in Crofton and get your machine there for an expert touch.

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