Car Accident Lawyer Houston, Texas


autoCar accidents involving serious physical injuries, fatalities, or significant damage to property requires the legal representation of an experienced car accident lawyer in Houston. For a desirable outcome, the lawyer is extremely helpful when negotiating for insurance claims and benefits. In some states, the lawyer may also help sue for reckless driving, speeding, or drunk driving against the party at fault.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

Here are a few instances when an experienced attorney comes in handy:

Evaluation of damages

The car accident attorney will pinpoint injuries incurred and project any likely accident-related expenses to prepare for. The lawyer will negotiate for medical bills, lost wages and any repairs required. Other damages a person is entitled to compensation include loss of future earning capacity, loss of intimacy, loss of enjoyment of life, pain or suffering.

Creating a claim

Based on information obtained from investigations, the car accident lawyer can establish a claim as a basis for a lawsuit. The claim states any damages or injuries incurred, any alleged negligent behavior of the driver at fault, and request for compensation. Before proceeding to court, the lawyer may attempt to reach a reasonable settlement with the other parties using the claim. If negotiations fail, the lawyer uses the claim to enter an official lawsuit in a court of law.

Negotiation with insurance companies

Car accident victims who seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company or their own insurance companies are at times lured into accepting settlements that are insufficient to cover losses incurred. The car accident lawyer handles negotiations and insurance discussions on your behalf, and they will settle for nothing less than your injuries deserve.

Legal advice

A car accident attorney is knowledgeable about the procedural rules and the relevant laws that may affect your case. They can thus offer advice on time limits that may prevent you from filing a suit against the at-fault driver. They know all the special exceptions to the statutes of limitations and can mitigate against any possible defenses from the offender’s side.

Advocacy in court

The car accident attorney acts as an advocate on your behalf and for your benefit through the entire process. When a lawsuit becomes necessary in the court, the lawyer advocates for you in front of the jury to ensure that your story is heard and you are compensated as required.

You Can Always Rely on Us!

If you have been injured in a car accident in Houston or anywhere around Texas, hiring an experienced attorney will help protect your rights and determine whether you are entitled to compensation. Typically, they will help you go over specific facts related to your case, and ask any questions that you might have to build your case and get the resolution that you deserve. Besides, most lawyers work under contingency, meaning they will stop at nothing until they get you the compensation you deserve.

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