Body Contouring Isn’t Just for Women—Three Contouring Procedures That Are Perfect for Men


When it comes to weight loss, women get all the attention and men are left in the dust. But, the truth is, both men and women of all ages are struggling with their weight, and both men and women are working hard every day to shed those extra pounds.

Body contouring is a great way to get the weight loss process underway when it’s paired with diet and exercise, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female. But, when contouring procedures are geared towards women, how do you know which ones are best for men?

Here are three body contouring procedures that can help men lose weight.


Spending time in the gym is a great way to get in shape, but that doesn’t mean it’ll help you reach all your weight loss goals. Men are especially prone to dealing with those few extra pounds that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how much cardio and lifting you do.

The answer could be CoolSculpting.


This innovative procedure is completely noninvasive, which means there’s no recovery time needed after treatment. It nearly freezes the fat underneath the skin, crystallizing it, so that the body can digest and get rid of the fat that was blasted away.

It’s an especially good choice for men because without a recovery period, no one will even know you’ve had the procedure done.


CoolSculpting is a great choice if you’re having trouble with a few stubborn pounds, but what if you’re overweight? CoolSculpting likely won’t be very effective, but liposuction might be.

This procedure has been proven to be effective at completely eliminating fat because it’s physically removed from the body. It is an invasive procedure, which means a recovery period is needed. However, if you’re dealing with a lot of excess weight that is negatively affecting your health, it can be a good option for men of all ages.

Take the time to compare CoolSculpting and liposuction to figure out which one would be best for you.

Body Lifting

Many men work hard to shed those extra pounds, with or without surgery. You can feel proud adjusting your diet and getting plenty of exercise, but the excess skin that’s left behind after you lose a lot of weight can make life downright miserable. Body lifting can help.

This procedure can help you trim away extra pounds by removing excess skin. Removing the skin can also make life more comfortable for men who have lost a lot of weight.

Areas of the body that can be lifted include:

  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

There are many other procedures that can work well for men, and nearly all of the procedures that have been developed for women will work for men as well. The key is discussing all of your options with a professional who can help you determine the best procedure for your budget and your lifestyle.

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