5 Best Pubs and Lounges You Shouldn’t Miss When You Are in Delhi


Are you planning to visit the capital city of India? If you are not sure where to hang out with friends or party at night, you have come to the right place. There are many pubs and lounges that offer good ambiance, music, food and drinks.

The variety is endless in Delhi, but knowing which pub, bar or lounge should be your night destination can be difficult if you have little to no idea about the city. After considering various factors that govern the probability of a person liking a party place, here are the best lounges and pubs in New Delhi that are worth visiting:

1. The Bunk House, Hauz Khas Village:

This is one of the youngster destinations in Delhi. It is spacious and pretty easy to locate. The staff is also pretty cool and calm. The music is top notch and the variety in food is excellent as well. A full bar, smoking area, live sports and live music is available here and the lighting and music makes the ambiance of this pocket-friendly bar. The average cost with alcohol for two people comes to about Rs 2000.

2. 3 Pegs Down, Saket:

3 Pegs Down is one of the premier lounges in New Delhi. It has a full bar and smoking area. It also serves hookah and cocktails. This lounge is known for the happening live music, live acts, Wi-Fi, and live sports screening. The best part about this bar is its ambiance. The music isn’t that loud, so you can actually hear each other talking. The décor is top notch and you get various cuisines like continental, North Indian, Italian, Lebanese, BBQ, and Mexican to order from. A pint here costs approximately Rs90 and for two people, the bill here comes to about Rs1200.

3. My Bar Headquarters, Connaught Place:

This is a very busy bar and rightly so. It is one of the best lounges in Connaught Place and the one pit stop for all college goers in Delhi. The various deals that are on offer make it a pocket-friendly pub to go to. A pint costs approximately Rs79 and the cost for two people averagely comes to about Rs1000. My Bar also serves hookah.

4. The Food and Booze Exchange, Kamla Nagar:

This lounge is open till 12:30 AM at night and has a full bar and valet parking as well. It is one of the premier destinations in Kamla Nagar and a beer pint costs about Rs119. If two people go to this bar and lounge, their expenditure including alcohol prices comes around to approximately Rs1300. This is also a budget bar and the ambiance is also very lively. You would definitely want to bring your dance shoes for this one as the live music DJ is excellent here.

5. Café Desire, Netaji Subhash Palace:

Café Desire is another lounge that stays open till late night. The décor is one of the things people love about this cafe. Online wallets and all credit and debit cards are accepted at this bar. It has a wide variety of hookah available. If you are a hookah fan then this is the lounge for you. You won’t be able to get drinks if you are underage because they take that very seriously here. Even when the bar is jam packed, they would check your ID before they take your drink order. It will averagely cost two people about Rs1000 and a pint costs about Rs105 here.

These are the five top bars in New Delhi, so if you are looking for a nice time or budget-based party time, these bars can definitely be a good pick – go ahead and reserve a table with the help of to save the hassle of waiting at your favorite pub.

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