Best Places to Visit Near Lisbon


The coastal and hilly city Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. The city is famous for its old pastel-colored buildings, decorated with ceramic tiles about 5 centuries ago. It shows an unpretentious culture with a splendid and historic cityscape. It is one of the oldest cities of Europe and has many fascinating places to explore!

If you are looking for fancy amazing views, good food, tradition and culture, some sun, and some inspirational memories, then Lisbon is waiting for you to visit it. There are many delightful places which you shouldn’t miss not only in Lisbon but also around the city.

Here is an overview of the places which you should visit whenever there is a chance to go around Lisbon.


This is Europe’s western point, these places are very beautiful and romantic which enhance your experience. The enchanting atmosphere and the mysterious environment makes its beautiful parks, palaces, and architecture attractive and charming.


It shows eclecticism of Portuguese and the beautiful palace that shows French grandeur. It is also the most beautiful and memorable place to never miss.


This is almost the paradise of surfer which enhances the grandeur and beauty of your visit, there is a resort which is superbly picturesque. There are also playgrounds of nobility. You can find very beautiful beaches here.


There are spectacular courses of Golf, which is the most interesting thing to discuss here; also this is the inspiration for James Bond. The biggest Casino in Europe also can be found here, which is the attraction all over the world. This is also the place to enjoy the beauty of the beaches.


A fishing village which is completely tradition on seaside view, and the most prominent feature of this place is surfing Mecca. And very delicious thing to discuss here is food of that place.


The biggest and greatest palaces of the Europe exist here, and it is the building which is known as the reason of bankruptcy of the nation.


This is a town with a mystical cape, which is known as the fishing town of calm and easeful waters.


This is the place where the Manueline architecture or Portuguese late Gothic was born. Here you can also enjoy dolphin watching.


Natural Park of Arrábida is the place full of picturesque scenery where deep blue Atlantic water meets with green hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation.


It is a civil parish with very calm way of life and very beautiful mansions. You can also taste delicious wine from local cellars here.

All these places can be visited by local transport, by car, and by boat along the seaside cliffs. Car rental services make your visit comfortable and easily approachable to every destination within and around Portugal. There are a lot of cars for any taste and budget: economy, mini, compact, people carrier, estate, premium, SUV, convertible, etc. So, get your car rental in Lisbon airport and let your journey start. The wonderful places, beautiful and memorizing experiences are waiting for you in Lisbon, Portugal. A single trip can make a bundle of memorable moments to never forget.

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