Best Noise Canceling Headset for Loud Office


There are some people who would prefer their own thoughts rather than the noise in the crowded office that they work in – examples can be:

  • Police booking desk;
  • Pediatricians office;
  • Kindergarden class;
Noisy work places

And the list can go on. So, what do you do to cancel out the sounds outside so you can hear the music of your favorite singer. These are called ‘noise-cancelling’ headphones and when you work in chaos they are priceless. Some headsets offers noise-cancellation but very few measure up to true Noise cancellation.

Voyager Focus

The best noise cancelling headset on the market is here. Meet the Voyager Focus made by Plantronics and you will have found out what Active Noise Cancellation and Smart Sensor Technology really mean. These Voyager Focus headphones offer a mix of noise cancellation, studio-level comfort and audio quality not offered in a Bluetooth headset.

Sleek looking

They are sleek looking with intuitive design and that does not made you sacrifice audio quality for comfort of looks means you give up equal parts of substance and style.

Smart Sensor technology

Its Smart Sensor technology knows exactly when you are wearing the headset, allowing users control completely of phone calls or music without the fumbling of buttons or cables. They were initially designed as headsets for computers, and Voyager Focus users have been telling everyone how great the are and about the amazing quality of the sound and the active noise cancellation.

Our pick

Now we are going to show you our pick for the best noise-cancelling headset on the market and that is Plantronics MDA220.

Extras needed

To use this head set you will need:

  • Plantronics Voyager Focus Headset;
  • Plantronics MDA220 adapter;
  • Desk phone.
Easy to install

Just set them up and install in the phone system. You now can take advantage of the very best noise-cancelling headset on the market. You are also free to call their phone number if you have any questions on how to select the perfect conference phone for your office.

Best Headset with noise cancellation

These are our pick for the best headset for noise cancellation especially for large and crowded call centers.

Bluetooth ready

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825 stereo Bluetooth headset for PC-Smartphone/tablet or Bluetooth for desk phones. These headsets offers seamless connectivity to your PC or smartphone with most leading UC soft phones it is ready to work however you do. Class 1 Bluetooth range up to 150 feet of wireless range. Voyager Focus UC allows you to be very mobile for voice calls and music, no matter where you are on your desk, lunch room, or even in the parking lot. They are equipped for both passive and active noise canceling technology and have mute controls, 3 precision tuned microphones and stereo sound that is high-definition.

Key features of these headsets include:
  • Active noise cancelling technology;
  • Battery time of up to 12 hours talk time; 15 hours of music streaming;
  • 150 feet of wireless range from PC while preserving battery life;
  • Easy controls to answer and end calls, control volume and mute; track forward/back for much playback;
  • Caller name announcement will inform you who is calling; no need to look at your mobile phone;
  • Smart microphone boom; wear boom on either side and maintain R/L stereo performance and locations of volume/track buttons;
  • Charge headset in an elegant desktop stand or on the go with included charging cable;
  • Online busy indicator on ear pad lets others know when you are on a call.
This is what large call-centers need

If you manage a loud but efficient call center, make it better with CSR’s who use The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825 stereo Bluetooth headset for PC-smartphone.

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