Best Dating Tips for Apartment Living


Your apartment may feel like your “man cave,” but if you’re getting ready to enter the dating world, chances are you’ll be bringing a girl home to it soon. If you want to make your new apartment more date-friendly, you’re going to have to think outside of your box. Here are some ways you can switch up your space so that it appeals to the dates you bring home and gives them the right first impression.

1. Make Yourself Look Intelligent

Strategically placed books, and books that you read, as well as intellectual magazines (leave the SI Swimsuit Edition behind) can be very impressive to a woman. These things tell your date that you are interesting and have something interesting to converse about. However, be careful here. Stacking books on the bookshelf, and only letting them gather dust, will make it look like to try too hard.

2. Remove the Evidence of Past Dates

It doesn’t matter if your last girlfriend was your best friend before you dated, or if you hope to rekindle a romance if this date doesn’t work out. Her belongings and her pictures must not show up in your space. Nothing will hurt the romantic mood quite as much as seeing “her” toothbrush on the bathroom counter.

3. Clean it up

Nothing’s quite as appealing to a woman as a man who knows how to clean, so give your space a thorough cleaning. Be sure that you sweep or vacuum under the bed and under the couch, where dust bunnies like to hide. These can make allergy problems worse, and a sneezing date isn’t going to be much fun. Also, don’t forget to clean the bathroom, because your date is likely going to need to use it while she is in your space.

4. Remember you’re an Adult

We all have trinkets from our childhood or mementoes to our wild college days, but remember, you’re an adult now. You need to get rid of those things that make it look like you’re hanging on to your childhood too tightly.

5. Add a Touch of Home

While no one wants to date a guy who is stuck in his childhood, most women want to enjoy spending time with a family man. Show that you love your family by putting up pictures of you and your parents or siblings. This also will give you a conversation starter as you get to know your date.

Remember, bringing a girl to your now ‘date-ready’ apartment home is an important step in a relationship. Make sure you’re ready by attending to these tasks!

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