Benefits of GRP Grating


When it comes to open mesh flooring, you can count on Guardrail Group to provide you with the best possible solution. There are countless benefits to Glass Reinforced Plastic grating and with the help of Guardrail, you can make the workplace safer for all employees and visitors.

The team at Guardrail can accommodate the most diverse needs and requirements of various industries, here’s how you could benefit!


With a wide range of walkway mesh grating to choose from, you’ll be able to choose a thickness that suits your specific application. Rather than metal mesh flooring, Guardrail provides GRP grating for safety purposes. The open mesh flooring is designed to cope with wear and tear from the extreme conditions of your industry.


Combining strength and weight, Guardrail has the perfect solution waiting for you. The lightweight GRP walkway mesh grating is ideal for various applications whether it be for the construction industry or the transport industry.

The process of installation is made simpler with the GRP grating. Instead of using the metal mesh flooring, why not use the most practical walkway that Guardrail have to offer?


Choosing a walkway mesh grating should be based on performance but not performance alone. The GRP mesh grating is visually enhancing for all industries, no matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors!
The GRP option is quickly becoming the most favourable product for safety walkway’s because it’s more stylish than any other. It makes no compromise to quality but achieves a more professional finish.


For the most sensitive of environments, the slightest spillage or dissipation of electricity could end disastrously for your industrial business. This is why it’s so important that you choose the most reliable open mesh flooring possible.

When it comes to reducing hazards- it’s a no brainer! Choose Guardrail’s GRP specialist gratings, they can eliminate the occurrence of severe hazards, making it safer for increasingly more people.


The Glass Reinforced Plastic is perfect for your industry if you’re looking for underfoot safety. The GRP grating is designed to offer resistance to oil and corrosion. This makes them significantly greater than the metal mesh flooring which can make it less safe.

The metal will start to rust when it comes into contact with oils, making your industrial infrastructure look unprofessional and run-down.

The GRP Grating open mesh flooring is rust-free and has been designed to offer longevity. If you’re looking to receive high-quality service and the best value for money, you needn’t look any further than Guardrail Group!

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