Benefits of a Modernised Lift


There are countless benefits to a modernised lift from Level Access Lifts, take the platform lifts for instance. Not only does the installation of a platform lift enable vertical transportation, it guarantees transportation that’s smooth and sturdy.

A modernised lift is one that is either a new installation or a replacement, so it’s bound to improve the aesthetics of your business!

Let’s find out how you can benefit from one of Level Access Lifts modernised lifts:

Out with the old…

Does your disabled platform lift need replacing? If so, consider Level Access Lifts to be the experts. The platform lift is just one of the lifts available from Level Access Lifts that are installed to provide disabled customers with easy access and to cater to their diverse needs and wants.

If your cabin lift needs updating, why not browse the range of lifts from Level Access Lifts today?

Improving performance.

When it comes to choosing a disabled stair lift, make sure it suits the needs and requirements of your environment and the needs of your customers. From Level Access Lifts, you have the choice of either a platform lift or a cabin lift, but what’s the difference?

Platform lift – A Level Access platform lift is perfect if you’re looking to save space and provide ease of transport for customers. Platform lifts are also known as a disabled stair lift, making it easier for those who can’t negotiate stairs.

Cabin lift – This type of lift is ideal if you need sturdy transportation, from A to B. It’s more than likely that you’re familiar with this type of lift, more so than the disabled platform lift.

Replacing worn out parts.

Needless to say, that a lift won’t last forever, you’ll eventually need to replace it or at least buy repairs.

Buying cabin lift repairs and spare parts needn’t be difficult or expensive, not when you choose Level Access Lifts! An example of one of the cabin lifts includes The Lymington which is designed to transport customers from one level to the next, comfortably and in a way, that’s safe.

If you’re looking to make luxury more affordable, choose a cabin lift which requires little maintenance and ensures high-quality performance.

Add value.

Not only will a modernised lift return working order, it’ll enable smooth transportation that’s quick and reliable. Level Access Lifts’ disabled stair lift is a prime example of how you can enhance the aesthetics of your building, making it stand out from the rest!

You want to make sure that your disabled platform lift meets the stringent laws and legislations for health and safety but at the same time, you should think about those who have limited accessibility. There needs to be suitable provision that facilitates the needs of wheelchair users, making them feel valued and improving their overall experience.

Easy maintenance.

To improve the reliability of your platform lift, you’ll need to have your platform lift or cabin lift serviced regularly to maintain high standards.

Maintaining your disabled stair lift needn’t be difficult and it will, in fact, benefit you in the long-run. A disabled platform lift needs to be maintained if you want it to last, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

You’ll be glad to hear that regular maintenance will not only prevent the occurrence of breakdowns, you won’t be held back by any costly repairs.

For peace of mind, choose a company you can trust. Choose Level Access Lifts today!

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