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Anadrol reviews from those who have shared their experiences


Anadrol is androgenic anabolic steroid which is synthetic in nature and consumed orally. It is a go to for many bodybuilders who want to gain mass extensively by protein synthesis. It is said to increase the stamina post workout by allowing recovery by boosting strength. It is best stacked with dianabol, Andriol or trenbolone.

Since it is an androgenic steroid it can cause male like manifestations in women who use it to gain muscle mass, such as voice deepening, hair growth all over the body, male patterned baldness, enlargement of the clitoris, change in libido.Other side effects include vomiting, dizziness, headache, swelling, lethargy, loss of appetite, restlessness, jaundice, insomnia, acne, changes in the menstrual periods etc.

Dosage of anadrol

50-100mg dosage per day more than this will negate the effect. This medication has to be taken on the same time daily. There is a necessity to limit the number of cycles in a year with breaks in between to prevent liver damage. So 16 to 18 weeks of usage throughout the year. It is necessary to end the cycle with PCT, which help to control withdrawal or side effects.

Reviews of people who have benefited using anadrol

Anadrol is one of the most popular steroids that has a wide spectrum of users all over the world swearing by the benefits on how it is low on the androgenic effects but has great anabolic properties making it the number choice among bodybuilders. It is ten times more effective than testosterone and believed to have various therapeutic properties. Here are some positive user experiences for bodybuilding from using anadrol.

Medically it has been a very useful drug to treat a number of ailments such as osteoporosis, anaemia, body wasting and other diseases which are caused by the catabolic effects. It is a medical prescription drug and is not easily available for non medical purposes. It is hence procured online for recreational use.

The benefits for the users are immense as it can help in gaining huge muscle mass within a short period of time. Usually it is a practice among fitness enthusiasts to use it as a secondary steroid and stack with others to bring out the maximum potential of the steroid. Since it is anon aromatise steroid you still can have the estrogen influence kick in and the feminine characteristics may prevail during prolonged usage or higher dosage levels can trigger this.

The only drawback observed by the users is if used as standalone, anadrol will no doubt give you the gains that you so desired but they are lost as soon as you discontinue the drug, hence the need to take anadrol with other steroids which help retain the gains from using anadrol cycle.

It should be carefully noted that the use of anadrol and dianabol should not be used together. Only one should be used in your stacking cycle usage. The desired results are got by proper usage and careful following of all the instructions. Grab all the know how before you get started.

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