Ambien Abuse: How does it happen


There is a very fine line between drug use and drug abuse and addiction. The line is so thin that many people do not realize the potential until they are in trouble. There are a lot of substances in the world that are not viewed as addictive but have a very high addiction potential. One of the most common of these substances is prescription medications.

Prescription medications are given to you by the doctor, so they should be okay. This is not a true statement. We know from research that many prescription drugs have a serious potential for abuse. These drugs are highly regulated but some medications are not as recognizable. One of these medications is Ambien.

Ambien is a very popular sleep aid useful for treating short term insomnia. Many people realize that Ambien has some pretty severe side effects. These side effects range from mild to serious depending on the person. These side effects can have deadly consequences.

Unfortunately, these side effects are not the only danger of taking Ambien. If you suffer from insomnia, you understand how frustrating not being able to sleep is. Taking a medication like Ambien can be a savior. Unfortunately, like most medications of its kind, the benefits of Ambien wear off eventually. This means that you need to either stop taking it or take increasing amounts.

If your doctor increases your dosage and regulates how much you take, the chances of addiction are minimal. If you are regulating your own dose, the chances of addiction get considerably higher.

Most addictions to Ambien begin when you lose the sleep benefits of the drug and begin to take more than the recommended dosages. This causes a high or a physical feeling of pleasure. Gradually, these feelings of pleasure make instrumental changes in your brain.

As you continue to take more, Ambien abuse turns to addiction. Since Ambien is a well regulated drug, your doctor will probably notice that you need refills of the medication more and more often. As this happens, they may recommend that you taper off.

If you are abusing it tapering might not sound like a good idea. You might even consider:

  • Going to another doctor
  • Lying to your doctor
  • Seeking out other ways to get Ambien
  • Trying other drugs that do the same thing
  • Combine drugs with Ambien
  • Hording Ambien

These are all the early signs of Ambien abuse. Some of these signs will seem begin and you can almost pass them off as being concerned about your sleeping habits rather than abusing the drug.

This is the problem with Ambien abuse. You might not realize that you are abusing the drug until you start showing withdrawal symptoms and the abuse is turning toward addiction. Fortunately, if you are exhibiting the signs of abuse, you can find help. You have plenty of options for help. At the Ambien abuse stage, you can opt for talking to your doctor or going to outpatient treatment. Insomnia and drug abuse are often signs of a larger disorder.

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